What Was YOUR Worst Quality As A JW?

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  • penny2

    I studied a lot and had a good memory. I was intolerant of elders who couldn't keep up with new interpretations of scripture. Not that I ever said anything to them but I found it annoying because they were supposed to be teaching us.

    Glad I had a good memory - I remembered everything they'd said and written about 1975. And again - I was intolerant.

  • ataloa

    The one most common to that organization, I'm sure - Pharisee. Pharisette? Phariselle? Pharishee...yeah, that's it. What else could you really expect to come out of a Pharisee Phactory?

  • minimus

    Mickey Mouse, your name should be Minnie Mouse.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    My worst quality as a dub? Blind obedience.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I know Min.

  • A Robin
    A Robin

    According to them, it was not Christlike for me to be such an introvert. If I had the mind of Christ, I would not be that way. I felt evil through and through for this quality.

    As you can imagine, I hated field service and busy-bodies drove me insane. My JW/MS hubby was ashamed of this and would always tell me "why cant' you be more like Sister Gossip? she is so popular...."

    Well, I'm out now and no longer married to that ignorant dude....and I'm still an introvert but have more friends than before...ha

  • RR

    I don't don't know if it was "worst", but I would have to say being brutally honest, speaking my mind. That was why the elders came after me.

  • calico

    I was picked on for being shy, too. Was told I needed to widen out--it was my own fault if I had no friends!

  • startingovernow


  • asilentone

    self righteousness!

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