dont guys get disfellowshipped for hitting wives ?

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  • MissingLink

    I know of a few cases. The "brothers" regularly beat their wives and occasionally get a talking to, but stay in "good standing".

  • flipper

    LOOLOO- Don't we all wish they would ? I think more wife abusers get off the hook in witnessland than those who are actually DFed for it. My sister was married 20 years to an extremely abusive JW husband who beat her, raped her, and did this while their young kids listened through walls. He cheated on her with sisters in the kingdom halls, used illegal drugs , and raped my sister so bad it damaged her sexual organs so she could never be with another man. The elders loving counsel to my sister ? They told her, " You must have done something to make your husband angry. Try being a better wife. " She finally got free from him after 20 years in 1989- but has had to see a psychiatrist for years and has post traumatic stress syndrome.

    Personally - I think the elders who give counsel to women to stay with these abusive me should be beaten themselves - and flogged into solitary confinement with the key thrown away. Bastards


    Frigg`n wife beaters....Need a beating......................OUTLAW

  • llbh

    Nah Outlaw they need naming and shaming.


  • The Berean
    The Berean

    As a young man I did work digging a basement below an elders existing home. From time to time I would hear a ruckus upstairs but never paid much attention to it. Then I noticed the wife showing up for Sunday meetings wearing veils ... As their three children got older the truth came out about this wife-child beater. The abuser lost his position but was not DFd. Two of the children ran away and never returned to the KH. The wife was beaten so often that she eventually would do little more than sit silently. Suddenly after years of obscurity she began to take the emblems and claimed to be of the annointed. In this case, i think she deserved the hope of living in heaven AWAY from her wacko husband.

  • jwfacts

    On one of the circuits where my father was CO there was quite a lot of cases of wife beating, but I never heard of anyone getting disfellowshipped for it. Some did loose their "priveleges" for it though.

    I am under the impression that the most important reason that people are disfellowshipped is where others may be influenced to leave. That is why apostacy is considered by far the worst of sins. Fornication is next on the list, as the fornicator may influence others to do the same. But wife beating rarely causes the wife to leave the religion so they don't care so much about it.

  • yknot


    And the victim who calls the police is the one talked to for 'bringing reproach'. much for obeying Caesar's laws.....

    The only abuse a BOE is interested in is 'spiritual endangerment' and then divorce is promoted heavily.

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