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    Welcome to the board!!

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    Wordly: Wow, what an amazing story. I am so sorry for the tragedy you have endured, but so happy to hear you have a little girl to carry on the memory and genes of her father. Welcome, welcome. PS--"word-ly"--very funny though it took me a couple of re-readings to make it click!!!! We are all survivors here,in one way or another. This is a great place to get perspective...

  • Wordlygirl

    Thanks everyone for the very nice comments. It has been a rough 2 years, but I am getting better each passing day. It's hard to believe my daughter will be a year old is just a few months.

    "If they could change sound into electricity, she could power the World" A moniker my dad says should be on my business cards.


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    How do you do put an avatar on this board?

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    A moniker my dad says should be on my business cards.

    Sounds like you have a GREAT DAD!!!!!Tell him I love that qoute.

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    Wor(l)dlygirl, I'm glad you got the 'L' outta there!

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    I am so sorry for you, to lose your loved one that way, so young. An old school friend of my son,he is now 27, has just gone through the same thing, a few days before her man was due to fly home for good, he was killed in action. It makes me cry for you, and all who lose loved ones .

    Lavish your love on your lovely daughter, she is the centre of your world now.

    A Big Welcome here,



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    welcome worldly girl.....

    truly sorry about your loss....

    I didn't think the US should be over there, but I supported my husband and his career.

    I respect anyone who goes and serves in the military. As reflected in your comment, even if the politics and reasoning for the mission is questionable at best...I am grateful for your husband and those men and women like him...and we should support our soldiers that do return and the families like you of those who dont........I could never do it...

    look forward to hearing more of your story.... and thank goodness you have a beautiful little girl to keep you going....and not raised as a dub...

    Snakes ()

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    How do you do put an avatar on this board?

    That hasn't been set up yet. We are waiting on Simon to enable this for us. The site is relatively new and that ability is presently being worked on. We're all dying to update ours as well!

    What do you think you will choose for your avatar?

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