Got stopped by the Mormons today, very annoyed

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  • callitquits76


    I got caught offguard by the Mormons today whilst out walking my dogs. There were two of them and one called out to me and mentioned something about talking to other people about Christ, so I immediately told them I did not agree with them at all and didn't trust any group who suggest theyy are 'the one'.

    I spoke for around 20 minutes because I didnt want them to think I was running away through lack of education, and I went over things like how much you can trust Joseph Smith since he was a raving Mason etc and how I thought it was a religion by men for men, but this mormon guy was really smug and basically just answered with a smug nod of his head and replied 'we've prayed to God and he's told us the way to live is the mormon church'. This was really a cop out and he couldn't answer much, particularly concerning the need for the book of mormon and he knew very little scripture indeed.

    The other mormon seemed much nicer and was from Germany - a lot more respectful.

    But what really got me annoyed was my inability to argue decent points and found myself nodding along trying desperately to think of a counter argument but none came. Last time I spoke with the Witnesses (about 6 years ago) I was so on the ball and could really argue my point - this time, I didnt have a clue.

    Anybody else frustrated through their loss of scriptual reasoning after so long away from the witnesses?

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Soooo maybe you need to go back to some meetings?

  • reniaa

    Witness 007 makes a good point!

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Last time I had them call I told them I had been brought up in a high control religious cult, without naming it, and went on to tell them my experiences with it.

    I concentrated on things that I knew we had in common.

    I made the point that anyone who offers salvation in exchange for control over your life should not be trusted without subjecting them to the highest standards of scrutiny. Just because a religion has been accepted by your parents doesn't make it right.

    I was careful not to say anything that they could disagree with and did not attack their religion or doctrines at all.

    They haven't been back.



  • dobbie

    I know what you mean, tbh my scriptures knowledge was never great, buti know whatever you say to someone in a group like jws mormons etc would be able to answer you with something, you can never be in the right to them ifyou posted the truth up on a forty foot sign infront of them!I would just say no thanks and leave them to it.

  • isaacaustin

    callitquits76, I would not call it so much your inability to reason as I would the Mormons twisted reasoning- which on the surface sounds plausible.

  • rebel8

    Anybody else frustrated through their loss of scriptual reasoning after so long away from the witnesses?

    No, because I've never understood the desire to use the Bible and doctrinal arguments to change someone's mind.

    Billions claim to follow only Jesus, rarely do so. Assuming the Bible quotes Jesus accurately and is inspired by an infallible, omnibenevolent God who wants us to know all we need to in order to live our lives "correctly"......Jesus didn't even mention most of what Xians believe and preach.

    IOW--people claim Jesus wants us to do anything they want us to do (or not do). They make up whatever rules they want.

    Because the rules are contrived, it doesn't matter if you convince them the Bible doesn't tell them to do XYZ.

    You're much better off showing them the hypocrisy, evil, and internal inconsistencies of their own beliefs instead of superimposing your own on their brains.


  • Jim_TX

    The way that I handle Mormons - or any other religious group - these days is to just tell them that I have no interest in religion anymore.

    I had Mormons call on my home a few years back (I did something to trigger that visit), and they were polite - and I was polite. I told them that I no longer had any interest in religion. They got into their questions of "Why?", and other religious related questioning (much like the way JWs do), and I kept firm with my 'I no longer am interested in religion.' - or - 'It's just not my cup of tea.'

    Eventually they left.

    There's no reason to get into discussions where you try to prove them wrong - they never see it anyway (just like JWs).

    Life is too short to be out there trying to convince people in cults that they're in one.


    Jim TX

  • mindmelda

    I lived around Mormons for most of my life in Wyoming, they're very predominant there in certain towns. They don't focus a lot on doctrine so arguing doctrine with them is usually a waste of time. Occasionally you might meet one that knows their doctrines, but usually not

    What they're hooked on is the lifestyle and feeling of connection/family that the religion offers. It was based on the idea of the "eternal family" where one never has to face loosing one's family in this life or the next. Even plural marriage was an attempt to make all members extended family, although genetically, we all are related to some degree anyway!

    The Mormons attempted to make this quite literal, though. Families and marriages stay intact through death and are still families of "flesh and bone" with spirit replacing the blood, in heaven. A really faithful family can expect to populate their own planet with earthly children while enjoying being part of a huge extended heavenly family, and the earthly children become connected to by becoming believers.

    Telling them that you believe that death ends the marriage vow and you're fine with that or that you're gay will run them off faster than anything.

    They don't have any place in their religion for anyone who isn't married or able to nor wants to reproduce/raise children, as marriage and child bearing has become their greatest religious sacrament and expression, really.

    PBS ran a really good series on the Mormons and you hear their church apostle saying that very thing....they don't have much room in their church for the single person who wants to remain single, or anyone gay because they can't partake in their church's greatest "blessing".

  • vikesgirl101

    Mindmelda: I love the shock value idea. Next time the JWs come to my door asking where I stand in their organization, I think I will say "Can you make this quick? I have to go to work. I'm a callgirl. Men don't just screw themselves you know."

    Wait would that be classless?

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