Got stopped by the Mormons today, very annoyed

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  • BurnTheShips

    I don't think you need a lot of Bible knowledge to counter a Mormon.


  • poppers

    "You say your religion is the only true one, and everyone else says theirs is too. You religionists really need to get together and get your story straight, since you all tell me different things. Tell you what. Figure out what the truth really is and then come back here with a Jew, Catholic, Muslim and Hindu all in agreement about what is true and then I will give you my time and learn from all of you."

    Fantastic answer. Well done.

    "Can you make this quick? I have to go to work. I'm a callgirl. Men don't just screw themselves you know."

    Hilarious! You sound like my kind of gal.

  • moshe

    Well, instead of spending 20 minutes debating religion you should have told them you needed help at your home- they would have been right over to mow grass, do repairs, paint, etc. Eventually, they would have given up on converting you, but you would have gotten something good out of it and the Mormons would have felt good helping out a a"needy" person. I know this works, as a neighbor of mine got all her fall yard work done for free by young Mormon missionaries. No she never went to one meeting, either.

  • poppers

    Yes, I've had Mormons help with yard work, too (they offered to help even before identifying themselves as Mormons). We did have a nice chat later, but I didn't let them control the direction of the discussion. They very politely listened and asked questions, but whenever they tried to use their prepared approach I redirected them to my own thinking. They finally left and actually told me they learned something and would think about the things I said. I doubt that would ever happen with the Witnesses.

  • Mastodon

    I just ask them about their 'magic underwear' and walk away...

  • dingo1

    id rather be playing guiter right now. bye everyone.

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