Mixed feelings about being shunned today.

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  • loosie

    Well it happened today. I got shunned in Big Lots today. I am not DF'd or DA'd just inactive for 4 years. I was on the far left of the aisle looking for a giant remote as a gag gift for my hubby for fathers day. They were at the far right of the aisle just entering the aisle. I saw her and her mom out of the corner of my eye and recognized who they were. She used to babysit my daughter while hubby and I went to college. I paid her for this. I didn't expect it for free just because we were Jw's. Her mom said to her " that's Loosie" The daughter replied " No thanks" and walk away to the other aisle. They never came up and said hi.

    I was proud of myself because I was mentally prepared to have a response for her when she was probably going to say
    "oh come back to the meetings" I was going to say "no thanks pedophiles aren't my cup of tea."

    I am kinda sad that I have lost a friend, but I ma glad that I am not of them anymore.

  • C. T. Russell
    C. T. Russell


    I laughed when I read this. I always wondered what was worse than being shunned at Wal-Mart.

    It was an Elder from another congregation. He didn’t like that I decided to get a “worldly” education. Especially considering my x-Bethelite status had already garnered job offers from 3 different JW owned janitorial business's.

  • loosie

    I was shunned at walmart too. I guess I have to shop at better establishments.

  • purplesofa

    Sorry that happened to you.

    She sounds pretty self-righteous and not humble at all.

    I would think that shunning someone would have a certain amount of humility and humbleness to it.

    I was never good at it, what if the shoe was on the other foot?

    Funny, I only worry about seeing JW's at places like Wal-Mart, Freds, and the Dollar Store,

    I guess I have to shop at better establishments.


  • vikesgirl101

    It just sounds so Christlike to snub someone, doesn't it? I think the Bible is full of scriptures that talked about how Jesus wouldn't dine with a prostitute or choose a tax collector as a disciple. Oh wait.....

  • reniaa

    the mum didn't shun you and in fact pointed you out to her daughter?

  • mrsjones5

    Highjacking again Reniaa?

  • JWdaughter

    I was shunned by my JW uncle at family events, but he called me to try and get me to buy/sell Melaluca! I personally think that is worse than just being shunned at walmart-He was willing to USE me, but not speak to me like a family member!

  • loosie

    JW daughter......Funny how they bend the shunning rules when it suits them.

    Reniaa.... the mom could have come up and talked to me, but she decided not to. they constitutes shunning.

  • SnakesInTheTower
    the mum didn't shun you and in fact pointed you out to her daughter?
    Highjacking again Reniaa?

    mrsjones.....**sigh** I quit trying to figure out Ms. Reniaa. It's like being put in a round room and being told to sit in a corner.

    loosie.... I got "counseled" at Dollar Tree by a JW momma in front of her 19 year old daughter. Is that a step above or below Big Lots?

    Snakes ()

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