Mixed feelings about being shunned today.

by loosie 21 Replies latest jw experiences

  • happpyexjw

    Go away Reinna

  • wobble

    For once I agree that Reniaa MAY have a point, I know we are super sensitive to the attitude shown to us, but sometimes I do reverse shunning, I scuttle off if I see dubs in the distance, if I havn't got the energy to make small talk with someone I now have nothing in common with.

    Perhaps this pair felt the same way.

    I had the opposite in "Walmart" (Asda in the UK) this morning, I looked up from perusing the ready-cooked curries, to see a young Witness Mum and her gorgeous little boy (2 +years) I got a lovely "Hello" and long conversation, and she is going to try to drop in and see my Wife, as she knows my Wife loves her little boy too, he is soooo naughty at the meetings, he kept us entertained when we used to go.

    Anyhow, if they shun then who gives a poop? their loss.



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