Has anyone got anything positive from the WT organisation?

by BloominMarvellous 46 Replies latest jw friends

  • shamus100

    I learned how to play catchup financially after years of living hand to mouth doing ridiculous menail jobs.

    Other than that, no, and I am so damned thankful to be out of that shit.

  • truthsetsonefree

    Public speaking, a trade, both of which got me employment and a start in politics.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I met my husband. I learned what prejudice and small mindedness is and realised I want no part of it. I am who I am because I have experienced what I have. In that sense I wouldn't trade my experiences. Then again I wasn't horribly abused and I didn't die through lack of a blood transfusion. Some aren't so fortunate.

  • Heaven

    mraimondi said: If you say you havent gotten anything positive out of being a witness or being associated with them, you either havent paid attention or might not have the fortitude or intelligence to make your own desicions or learn from ANYTHING.

    That's not what the question was.

  • mraimondi

    read the title.

  • zarco


    Most organizations provide a sense of belonging, teach one how to engage and interact with others and because of the friendships that result from association – provide a support group.

    If the organization is focused on a “common good” like teaching literacy, feeding those without the means to do so and other worthwhile endeavors, the sense of accomplishment can be life changing and meaningful.

    Any positives in the Watchtower organization are not unique to the organization. For most of the folks on this website, the harm – intellectual, emotional and physical – far outweighs the benefits.

    I am glad that you find some good in the organization. It is possible that you might have found it even better somewhere else.



  • Heaven

    read the title.

    I have. The question was not about gaining anything positive from being a witness or associating with witnesses, it was about the WTS. I do not automatically equate the two.

    Anything that I have received that was positive from associating with Witnesses came from those individual people and anything positive related to God or Christ came from the Bible.

  • JWMediaFilms

    The WT has been of great value to me in learning what false religion is.

  • mraimondi

    its pretty much the same thing heaven - even so you can pinpoint certain aspects that are definetly a direct result of the org rather than just the witnesses themselves.

  • Heaven

    its pretty much the same thing heaven

    In my opinion, they are not. The individual people who I associate with that call themselves Witnesses are multi-faceted human beings and do not make the policies of the WTS Organization. They also choose on a daily basis what policies they agree with and are going to follow and not follow.

    I work for a company, let's call it ABC Ltd. I do NOT consider myself 'the company'. I am an employee. I don't always agree with my company's policies and I don't always follow what I'm told to do. If I feel I am being told to do something that doesn't sit well with me, I don't do it. I have told managers to their face that I will not do what they asked of me because it was not proper. One example was when my manager asked me to spy on one of my colleagues. I told him No. And I told him why. I'm still employed and after I explained myself, my manager knew I was correct. He also knew I could get him into trouble with Human Resources if I went to them about what he had requested. If I were a Witness, and that had been a WTS request I was denying, I would have been disfellowshipped. Luckily, I am not.

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