Wow, they just came to my door for the first time in

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  • musky

    "I feel all shook up."

    Hi Beksbks, I hope you are feeling a little less shook up.

  • Finally-Free
    we are just ordinary people who worship our God Jehovah through his son Jesus christ

    In your dreams. Ordinary people don't join authoritarian cults.


  • beksbks

    Hemp, that is exactly what I think it is. It's almost like facing an abuser or something. (Please forgive that analogy, any who have been abused). I'm not afraid of them, I do feel somewhat sorry for them, but not really, because I think many of them are happily living in the bubble, and may never have lost family or doubted at all. It's just a weird automatic response. Like getting too close to the edge of a cliff or something. Heck, I dunno. If they had had a more smug and self satisfied attitude, I probably would have gotten into some stuff with them. Then I reeeeeeeeally would have been shook up.

    I have two memorable visits in 20+ years. One was a woman who just would not stop once she found out I was and X. Finally I said "I was always told we wanted to win hearts, not arguments". She left, but I found her again five doors down at my mothers. The other was the CO who was reeeeeeeeeeeeeeaallly gonna show the two kids he was with how it's done. He was relentless, I was sick and had two sick kids, I kept saying no thank you, but he already knew I was an X. Finally I told him just what I thought. He stepped back and pointed his finger at me. "You know what I think of when I mean people like you? YOU HAVE NO HOPE!". I ordered him off my property and told him I was calling the police. I was a wreck for the rest of the day. I wanted to go to the KH and cause trouble, but my hubby (never a dub) said no

  • beksbks

    Thanks Musky, I'm good now

    Coming here is so nice, it totally diffuses it.


    Hemp, that is exactly what I think it is. It's almost like facing an abuser or something..........Now there`s a Frigg`n insight............Well put Beksbks........................OUTLAW

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I like Dagneys' take on this. Although appearing as an aplogist, she's missing key words. JWspeak is a language in itself.

  • Brocephus
    It's almost like facing an abuser or something. (Please forgive that analogy, any who have been abused).

    No Forgiveness needed Beks, you were abused as we all were that believed at one point. It's called Spiritual Abuse and its something that takes a lot to get over. It's why most X-JW's cringe at anything religious around them after they leave getting the "sick-in-the-stomach-some-one-is-being-a-self-righteous-jerk" feeling. It's because not only did they abuse us on the inside but they poisioned us against being spiritual on the outside with out the WT. Frigg'n A**holes, you should have kicked that CO's ass.

  • out4good3

    We don't need you to change to belive what we know, but you need us to be who you think we are (worldy, evil, etc) in order for you to believe the Watchtower is the truth.

    That was beatiful....I really like that.

  • Heaven

    Even I, a non-JW, sometimes have feelings of dread speaking to them because I am informed about who they are. Ignorance is bliss sometimes, isn't it? It is also dangerous.

    I am conflicted with how much I should let fly versus being a loving person. I usually take a deep breath and choose the latter. I think a big part of the problem is the following:

    You KNOW what their agenda is and it's not loving.

    You KNOW they aren't honest with you from the get-go.

    You KNOW they're a cult trying to recruit you.

    You KNOW that any rational argument given to them isn't going to be heard.

    You KNOW there are enormous problems within the organization that they're all trying to ignore.

    You KNOW they can be harassing, especially when they meet up with an ex/inactive JW or when they are confronted with information that disagrees with their beliefs. They don't like being challenged on what they are saying and they don't like being proven wrong because this causes enormous conflict within them.

    It all makes for a situation you'd rather avoid than have to deal with. This is why I say what I do. I make it known right off that I know who they are. I don't think they expect that. Then I give them my own real life example(s) of how being a JW didn't help someone I loved very deeply (and actually caused a lot of their issues in life). I don't think they know how to handle that stuff.

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