How I figured JWs were NOT the truth...

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  • skeeter1

    I did not realize that JWs were afraid to run into Greek and Latin followers. (I was just 15 or 16 when I last went out in service). Is this fear widespread?

  • chickpea

    i can echo, to a degree, what Leaving WT has said,
    about having one's child open the door to re-engaged thinking.....
    and ultimate exit from the brain-dead environment of the b0rg....

    my transgender son, by virtue of his circumstance,
    is in a niche population with the highest percentage
    of suicide per capita (31%)

    according to law enforcement reporting agencies,
    he is also in the population most likely to be violently
    assaulted or murdered in the commission of a
    "bias-motivated incident" (aka hate crime)

    he is 15..... and i am supposed to walk away from him?
    because some people want to parse the words of a text
    from antiquity and try to fold the modern world into its paradigm?

    hah! i would rather die in defiance than live upholding
    such a barbaric, hateful dogma

  • IronClaw

    I started having doubts and looked at websites with questions about the WTS doctrines. After looking over Randy's site "Freeminds" I ordered Ray Franzs' books. After reading them I questioned the Mexico/Malawi scandal. The PO of my congo said that he would come over my house with the CO who happened to be coming the very next week to look over my info. Guess what?? They NEVER showed. The rest is history. Some months later I DA'D myself.

    The Claw.

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    They NEVER showed

    what a surprise!

  • screwproof

    I started questioning things when my mother had surgery and they hooked something up to her that saved her blood she lost and then put it back into her system, this was okayed by and Elder who said it was not taking a transfusion. If it was not a transfusion, what was it? After that incident, a few years later I came across an article about Raymond Franz, I never could understand how someone who was as faithful as he was could be disfellowshipped. I then with all the fear inside me, order COC. After reading this book and seeing what they did to him, I was just sickened, I knew it had to be true or they would have sued him for false information. I then started a search on other things and discovered so much wrong doing by the WTS, I never knew the GB considered themselves to be prophets of Jehovah himself. I never realized how much the JW's put their faith into the GB inside of the bible. I never knew how we were not allowed to be open and frank about our concerns about things we were suppose to believe. I have not completely left yet, but I do not see how I can stay with all that I have found.

  • flipper

    COGNAC- Good thread. I figured out it was not the alleged " truth " when I was the victim of injustices committed by elders against me in 2003. They were giving me counsel that would put my witness daughters safety in jeopardy in trying to convince me to accept back a methamphetamine addicted wife that had left me which would have endangered my daughters. They did not counsel me from the Bible- just shot personal opinions off the hip. I had my awakening and left cold turkey- never going back. Everything I've learned since leaving only confirmed I really made the right decision to leave

  • trebor

    reniaa: "the 2 biggest issues people have against witnesses are Blood and df-ing shunning"

    Really? Well, you're certainly not speaking for me. The flip-flopping of doctrine is a HUGE issue and further proof how the Jehovah's Witnesses are being led by men in a guesswork system...

    Organ Transplants:

    -1961 = Conscience choice.
    [Watchtower August 1, 1961 'Question from Readers']

    -1967 = Cannibalistic.
    [Watchtower November 15, 1967 ‘Questions from Readers’]

    -1980 = Conscience choice.
    [Watchtower March 15, 1980, page 31]

    Resurrection of the Men of Sodom:

    -1879 = Yes.
    [Watchtower July 1879, page 8]

    -1952 = No.
    [Watchtower June 1, 1952, page 338]

    -1965 = Yes.
    [Watchtower August 1, 1965, page 479]

    -1982 = Yes.
    [Live Forever Paradise Earth 1982 edition, page 179]

    -1988 = No.
    [Watchtower June 1, 1988 page 31]

    -1988 = Yes.
    [Insight on the Scriptures Volume 2, page 985]

    -1989 = No.
    [Our Kingdom Ministry, December 1989, page 7]

    -1989 = No.
    [Live Forever Paradise Earth 1989 edition, page 179]

    Superior Authorities (Romans 13:1):

    -1886 = Worldly Governments or Authorities
    [Studies in the Scriptures Series I - The Divine Plan of the Ages (1886 edition) page 250]

    -1916 = Worldly Governments or Authorities
    [Studies in the Scriptures Series I - The Divine Plan of the Ages (1916 edition) page 266]

    -1929 = Jehovah God and Jesus Christ
    [Watchtower June 1 and June 15, 1929]

    -1950 = Jehovah God and Jesus Christ
    [This Means Everlasting Life (1950) page 197]

    -1962 = Worldly Governments or Authorities
    [Babylon the Great Has Fallen! God's Kingdom Rules! (1962) page 548]

    -1990 = Worldly Governments or Authorities
    [Watchtower November 1, 1990, page 11]

    This Generation (Mathew 24:34):

    -1927 = The Anointed
    [Watchtower February 15, 1927 page 62]

    -1942 = Anyone alive to see 1914
    [Watchtower July 1, 1942 page 204]

    -1995 = Wicked People alive today
    [Watchtower November 1, 1995 page 19]

    -2008 = The Anointed
    [Watchtower February 15, 2008 page 24]


    1950 - Conscience choice
    [November 15, 1950, Watchtower, on pages 445 and 446 ‘Subjection to the Higher Powers’]

    1973 - Do not vote
    [Watchtower, October 15, 1973, on page 627 ‘Why People of All Kinds Are Becoming Jehovah's Witnesses’;Watchtower, December 15, 1973, page 741 ‘Earth’s Rulers for a Thousand Years’]

    1981 - Do not vote - Disfellowshipped for voting:
    [Pay Attention To Yourselves and to All the Flock (Copyright 1981) page 149 under '(4) Neutrality']

    1986 - Do not vote
    [Watchtower, September 1, 1986 issue, page 21]

    1999 - Conscience choice
    [Watchtower, November 1, 1999, ‘Questions for Readers’, pages 28 and 29]

    That is one of the "biggest issues" this person has.

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    When I studied with JWs (1990) I was told several times, there were some weired and stupid brothers who believed the end will come in 1975.... these were so stupid they were selling homes and taking loans... because of their stupid miscalculation .... I thought "Oh boy, they must had been really stupid, how could they get to such idiotic idea...."

    Then - in 1995 - I was preparing talk for pioneer meeting .... got in the KH library ... opened several bound volumes .... and in one of them (I believe 15/08/1968) I spoted headline of a study article:


    I read the article completely shocked, ... couldnt believe my eyes..... until that moment I believed 105% everything JW had said....from this moment my questioning and research started ....

    BTW, my questioning ended up last year. Now I am inactive, fading, free, andy happy as never before.


  • isaacaustin
    1 Corinthians 5:9-13 (New International Version)

    9 I have written you in my letter not to associate with sexually immoral people— 10 not at all meaning the people of this world who are immoral, or the greedy and swindlers, or idolaters. In that case you would have to leave this world. 11 But now I am writing you that you must not associate with anyone who calls himself a brother but is sexually immoral or greedy, an idolater or a slanderer, a drunkard or a swindler. With such a man do not even eat.

    12 What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside? 13 God will judge those outside. "Expel the wicked man from among you." [ a ]

    Speaking in the context of the church...not to worship together with such persons. This does not include normal day to day activity. Show me where it authorizes shunning. Comapre to 1 The 3:14:

    We hear that some are conducting themselves among you in a disorderly way, by not keeping busy but minding the business ofothers.
    Such people we instruct and urge in the Lord Jesus Christ to work quietly and to eat their own food.
    But you, brothers, do not be remiss in doing good.
    If anyone does not obey our word as expressed in this letter, take note of this person not to associate with him, that he may be put to shame.
    Do not regard him as an enemy but admonish him as a brother.
  • cognac

    I did not realize that JWs were afraid to run into Greek and Latin followers. (I was just 15 or 16 when I last went out in service). Is this fear widespread?


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