Author of the book "J.W.s and the hour of darkness" Darek Barefoot speaks up on the conference call concerning subliminal images in the Watchtower lit.

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    That sounds like a great picture of chocolates to see that.

    One of the most creepy and in my opinion deliberate images in JW publications is the picture on p 153 of the Revelation Climax book (I think) of the claw-hand on one of the 144,000 'kings' in heaven holding a spector looking down from heaven as GT/Armageddon unfolds.

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    Even if those images are there for a purpose, still is not a big issue. I believe that is a kind of mocking to the faithfull JW's, by the authors of the WT magazine. Is like telling them: look how fools you thing you are following God, but in the contrary you are following us!!!

    WT does more hurt in many other ways. People died due to their ban of organ transplants, blood, so called neutrality and many more commited suicide due to their unhuman policy of shunning.

    Subliminal imagery if ti works, it is just a tip of the iceberg

  • Corney

    A lovely review of Barefoot's writings was recently published in Wuhan Journal of Cultic Studies by an Italian professor at a Moroccan university. It shows how his contribution to the world of ideas wasn't limited to the weird theory discussed in this thread. For example, his posts on a different topic, namely C. S. Lewis' argument from reason, were repeatedly used and discussed by philosopher Victor Reppert, which is pretty impressive, given that Barefoot has no college degree..

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