Author of the book "J.W.s and the hour of darkness" Darek Barefoot speaks up on the conference call concerning subliminal images in the Watchtower lit.

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  • daniel-p

    Here's another good one:

    The horned hand gesture is one way
    for Satanists to communicate with
    one another, and not surprisingly,
    Watchtower literature is saturated
    with them.

    Wow! I make that hand "gesture" all the time! Especially when I'm holding a cup and drinking.Does that mean my pinky finger is trying to communicate with the Devil?

    The image we see here is yet
    another example of the obvious
    images placed within
    Watchtower art. The head of the
    Greek God Zeus was not so
    inconspicuously placed on the
    skirt of the woman walking her
    dog. You be the judge.

    Well, now that i know to LOOK FOR A FACE, I can defintely see one. Thanks for giving me the encouragement to "be my own judge" on that. However, I fail to see Zeus. It actually looks more like the homeless man on the street downstairs from my office.

  • 1914BS

    Hi Koolaid man I discovered the following WT jest. I had already been aware that very strange things were on page 93 of the Live forever book so I took magnifying glass and looked for more jests on that page. It was only when I became totally objective that I found the 2 eared lady much to my delight.

    this is for you

    just proves the WT art dept (which is under the writing dept ) does indeed slip in jests once in a while.
    the bethell artists put pascals pic and the 2 eared lady on page 93 also the waterfall scene on that page has
    nothing to do with a water fall scene. The skeptics will say "Oh the WT artist slipped with the paint brush"

    I disregard all suggestions that a mirror image is valid way to find new jests. That is a deception because you can take an ordinary garden carrot and do mirror imaging on it and get all sorts of strange faces ect.

    The face in the hand, the hexagram on the back of the chair and the ram head on the table - these are all valid jests.

    BTW could you put the double eared lady on your site please. I don't know what section it would go under though. That image is actually from a JPEG. I wish I had the LFB so I could get even a better image.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Greetings, daniel:

    Thank you for your response and civil manner.

    I cannot find the image you posted in Hour of Darkness; therefore, I'm assuming you copied and pasted it from KAM's website. I see no face either.

    There are divergent viewpoints on this and any other WT-related matter. As an artist myself, whose "hidden" images in his fantasy landscapes are no more than inadvertent, I, personally, have not concluded that the WTB&TS has willfully placed images in their work. I lived at Bethel and my access to various art works and publications gave me no cause for suspicion at that time. However, there are non-JW graphic artists who have commented on this controversial subject. What I find ironic, as well as unsettling with regard to discussing this subject with ex-JWs, is that these "outsiders" are objective and analytical, and they refrain from name-calling.

    Are there other individuals like you, daniel, who disagree on these matters of WT art yet remain calm and respectful?



  • 1914BS

    Compound complex

    I am not presenting hidden artwork though. Please comment on the 2 eared lady. It is not a strain on the
    imagination to see 2 ears on the side of the neck.

    Also why is there a flying Qtip on page 233 on the rev climax book. (Tom Cabeen called it a Qtip)
    I think it might be a street light



  • daniel-p

    What I find ironic, as well as unsettling with regard to discussing this subject with ex-JWs, is that these "outsiders" are objective and analytical, and they refrain from name-calling.

    On the contrary compound, I don't find these investigators objective or analytical, at least not in a rigorous manner. As a behavioral scientist-in-training, I have to do everything I can to prove my null hypothesis, or in other words, to prove myself wrong. That's one reason why science is science. These people make no attempt whatsoever to show themselves wrong, or to do honest investigation, since their analysis is only confirmatory. What they see is what they are looking for.

  • daniel-p

    It is not a strain on the imagination to see 2 ears on the side of the neck.

    It is less of a strain on the imagination to see a feature-less, indiscernable muddy shape. Get the point?

  • 1914BS

    ALrighty then

    What about the flying QTIP . Even Tom Cabeen admits that this is a jest. How about you? These flying objects on page 233 are supposed to be hail stones. Does that Qtip look like a hail stone to you or a General Electric High Pressure Street Light??

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thank you, daniel, for the food for thought.

    If my information has been purely anecdotal and testimony insufficient for drawing any sort of watertight conclusion, then I need to investigate further. One or two seeming, objective opinions do not necessarily confirm a sneaking suspicion. After all, critical thinking is what this matter is all about, and I thank you for your incisive commentary.


    Thanks, too, 1914, for your input.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    It's the eye of Ra, I tell you!

  • reniaa

    there is a simple scientific explanation for this...

    Carl Sagan hypothesized that as a survival technique, human beings are "hard-wired" from birth to identify the human face. This allows people to use only minimal details to recognize faces from a distance and in poor visibility but can also lead them to interpret random images or patterns of light and shade as being faces. [ 5 ]

    the danger I see it is when you start seeing God's face on pieces of toast and start worshiping it ^^

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