What UNUSUAL MARRIAGES have you seen among JW's?

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  • BonaFide

    These are couples that I know personally.

    A brother I know married a sister 36 years OLDER THAN HIM. He was 35, she was 71. They are still married 5 years later. They do not get along, and they make that known to the entire Hall.

    A brother that has been married twice and is 50 years old recently married a 19-year old. His daughter is the same age.

    A brother that was 19 married a sister who was 28 WITH THREE CHILDREN UNDER 6 YEARS OLD. They have been married for 15 years, and seem very happy to me, although of course I am on the outside.

    I am not judging them. Maybe I will marry a woman 35 years my senior. Who knows. But it would be a little unusual. So what about you? Have you seen UNUSUAL MARRIAGES among JW's? Is there a HIGHER PERCENTAGE of that among JW's? Or not?

    What you say?


  • superman

    I knew of a guy who was married and his wife passed away, but I guess he must have liked the family so much that when he remarried, he remarried his late wifes older sister.

  • BizzyBee

    A beloved brother of 70+ married a sister in her 40's who let it be known that it was in name only - she was magnanimously assuming the role of care-taker. These things happen outside the KH, too, but the WTS certainly creates an environment that sanctions these odd pairings.

  • Scott77
  • Scott77

    In my former congregation, I know of a young brother who married a sister. The sister has adult children who are older than the brother. Their love was strong. No problem, no issue as far I know. They are very nice couple who works together in an amazing way. However, I detected during a car group with them while doing field services. The sister does carry more 'weight' as she 'manages' the brother who is considered less 'experienced' than her.


  • mrsjones5

    When I was 19 I worked in a bank in downtown San Mateo, California and this older sister (I think she was in her late 60's) used to come in. She was the mother of Larry Graham (of Sly and the Family Stone and the hit song "One in a Million" fame and the one who brought Prince into the bOrg, yep he's a jw) and she had married a much younger brother (he looked to be in his mid 30's). I used to see them at DCs and CCs, he never looked happy, never saw him crack a smile. And I got the impression from her that they were waiting for Armageddon to come and for her to be made young again. Geez I bet she's dead now...wonder what happened to the hubby?


  • jamiebowers

    My brother was 19, and his wife was 34. Her oldest son was only 5 years younger than her husband.

  • BizzyBee

    When I was a young single sister - 21 or so - it was broached to me by the elders to consider marriage with a brother in his late 40's who was a widower with four children. It was like a solution to a problem - being young, female and single.

    Young, attractive, unmarried sisters were intrinsically a problem to the elders - without education, a woman's only hope was to marry a suitable brother, but in the short term, sisters could be picked off by worldly suitors first. Yet, the KH pickings were always slim. Very slim.

  • asilentone

    thats why the advice of marry only in the lord sucks!

  • WTWizard

    Since when do the hounders have the right to order someone to marry a particular person, whether there is a big age difference or not? Suppose that "brother" was a tyrant or was not going to do a good job at supporting the family? Or, it would have been incompatible.

    I have nothing against big age differences in a marriage (society creates taboos in that area just to draw lines to not cross, and reduce the prospects--creating problems where none exist). But, when someone is ordered to marry a specific person, you have a very good chance that it will end up being a loveless, stagnant marriage designed to keep that "sister" from marrying a worldly person or to make her unavailable to the one "brother" that they want for their Value Destroyer Training School.

    Marry only in the lord--and you will have a stagnant, loveless marriage. And a tyranny.

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