What UNUSUAL MARRIAGES have you seen among JW's?

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  • Nowman

    When I was 17, there was this 32 year old brother who contacted me while my parents were on vacation. I had the biggest crush on him, so obviously I was so excited, perhaps I could run away with him, and he could take me away from my parents!

    When my parents returned, he came over and asked them for their permission to date me, and that when I turned 18, he wanted to make plans to marry me. My parents said...are you out of your mind, your 32! That day, my parents put the house up for sale, and sold it in a week. We moved to another hall, another territory to the north.

    It was a huge scandal in the hall, you should have seen our goodbye party with everone knowing about me and the 32 year old, and we actually never did anything, never had the chance.

    But, it would have been very strange to marry him looking back on it now obviously, but at the time, it broke my heart!

    Thought above somewhat fit this thread?


  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    My wife is 6 months older then me.....it's sick! Old bag...married to a young guy like me!

  • palmtree67

    WOW, Nowman.

    You're lucky your parents took that stand. Mine didn't. I married a 30 year old man when I was 17. He never even asked me. He asked my dad, and my dad said, "Yes, lets go get a ring now!" And they did.

  • besty

    So this 50 year old widow in our hall (with a grown up son also married) married a 16 year old boy. Legal in Scotland at 16 :-)

    Oh did I mention the 16 year old was her foster son?

    Caused quite a scandal across Scotland - made the front page of the Daily Record with a center pages follow up a few days later.

    Ended in D.I.V.O.R.C.E. of course.


  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    Oh my God! These stories are just mind-boggling! I don't have any that compare to these.

    I do remember back when I was in the cult when I was about 13 I started feeling the "pressure" that I needed to be looking for a "mate". Not from my parents. But from the KH and assemblies. I remember at one DA we ran into a family that had been friends of ours at our former KH in another town. The man asked me if I was married yet. This was when I was 13. He was sort of joking but not totally. I answered that I was looking for a husband. That's what I felt like I was supposed to say. That's the only goal that girls were supposed to have in the JW cult. I am happy to say that I think my mother was horrified to hear me say that. For me this was a turning point in my devotion to the religion that I had been raised in. I really started thinking about my future at that time and it was one of the seeds that had me running from the cult by the time I was 15. I did not want the life that awaited me as a JW.

  • snowbird

    50-ish sister married 90-ish widow who lived until the age of 105.

    He had a nice pension and a big, two-story house. She needed a place for herself and children.

    After his death, she sold the house and autos and took off for parts unknown.

    A true story.


  • Nowman

    palmtree67-Yes, I am unlucky. At the time, it seemed like my world was ending, just goes to show you I was young. My parents seemed to go to such extremes with me, it was just another thing that happened. In this case, they did the right thing, I do thank them for that. I am 35 now, and I have a 12 year old daughter, the thought of it happening to her...oh my.

    Are you still married to him if you do not mind me asking?


  • Nowman

    palmtree67-i meant to say I am lucky, not un-lucky-LOL.

  • palmtree67

    NO, I'm not married to him anymore. Couldn't take it any longer. I haven't missed anything about him from the second I left.

  • Spook

    40 year old widdower married a 20 year old girl, former baby sitter, after his wife died of cancer. He had a 12 year old daughter at the time. I AM judging this. It's not immoral, however, the overwhelming consensus of pshycologists would concur that such marriages represent drastically damaged individuals.

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