Here is the GB photo from the new book "Bearing Thorough Witness"

by BonaFide 64 Replies latest jw friends

  • shamus100

    You are all just jealous because they are so 'learned'.

  • JudgeRutherfords

    they dont have the token mexican dude with his sombrero on either

  • Balsam
  • Balsam

    A bunch of old white man and one token black man, no hispanics, no Asians, no women, funny how God is not fair in picking a wide variety of men & women to take the lead. Wake up you witnesses where is Jehovah in all this????????

  • mcsemike

    Good point about no women. I bet it infuriates these mental defectives that there will be women members of the 144,000, which I don't believe is a real group anyway. How can they think that maybe about half (over 70,000) of the anointed in heaven will be judging thousands of elders and millions of people, yet not have the ability or the right to be members of the governing body?

    Some Bible books are named/written by women and women figure prominently in OT history as well as in NT activities like miracles and prophecy. I bet the GB chokes every time they think about it or have to teach it from the platform. No matter what they say, women are just as capable of running a congregation as men are, especially the men I've seen as elders. Just look at how intelligent Barbara Anderson is and remember all of the responsibilities that she had in Bethel. From her writing skills, I can easily see that she's as good as any ten men on the writing department.

    This might be a wild idea but I think it's a valid suggestion. If the WT can baptize children who are 9 or 10 years old, claiming that they fully understand the meaning of their baptism vows, then why don't they appoint a teenager as a member of the GB?? How about a female, maybe Hispanic or Asian, baptized less than a year, and maybe in 7th or 8th grade in school. Why not?? The child would probably be more intelligent than any GB member is now and would certainly have a better grasp on real life in the streets than any of the old fossils currently on the GB.

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