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  • WingCommander
    Satan made Jehovah look bad by thinking for himself and rebelling with 1/3 of his angelic brothers. Eve made Jehovah look bad by disobeying and eating from the tree of good and bad, and then getting Adam to do so as well. Therefore, we ALL must DIE to pay for Satan and our ancestors (Whom we didn't know, never met, and had no control over) for making the Supreme Ruler of the Universe "look bad". God sounds like a real sport when you look at it that way. Why not just kill off the instigators right from the get-go and start over fresh with less critical thinking, and more obedient, minions?
  • Splash

    Didn't some of Gods' children leave the 'truth'?
    About one third of them if I recall correctly.

    What is AM3 saying about God then?

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