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  • ToesUp

    I used to watch my parents faces when the sister on the stage (giving an experience) would relate that she had 6 children who are "ALL FAITHFULLY SERVING JEHOVAH. Two are missionaries over in East Bumble, One is a Circuit Overseer, One a District Overseer and two are serving at Bethel." As the Church Lady used to say..."well isn't that special."

    I have a sibling that decided this religion was not for them and left. My Mother used to cry when these experiences were told. Why? Because they ALWAYS blame the parents. Even if you did everything right but a child decides (as an adult) that this is no longer what they believe. Why are some elders removed when an 18 year old decides this is not for him or her? Because it's ALWAYS the parents fault. This is how these Bastards make people feel. Maybe if it happened to them they would be able to muster up some compassion.

    They could care's all about how wonderful THEY are!

  • brandnew

    So i take it tight pants , and his boys have a 401-k..?...retirement, ?.....

    Nope, but instead of just taxpayers money, they have rank and file jw's money......what losers ! ! !

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    " they make Susan and me look good. "

    Yes to indoctrinated morons they look real good but to the common as well as educated people they look like a 2 loonies in a delusional cult of which he is a insane leader who calls the shots about how Jehovah his imaginary friend feels about any given subject.

  • clarity

    Tony & his pals are just puffed-up goons! Imagine the audacity to claim to be the only ones in the whole world who will go to heaven & to be KINGS no less! And if you don't agree with them ...they will make god kill you! So there...hahahha!

    LITS ......I have missed you ...glad you posted this and happy to hear that you are still hanging tough. Like you, I was told not to have children, so I can vouch that this really was said. Actually I was not even baptised yet (1960) What a bunch of crazies!


  • Hairtrigger

    " they make Susan and me look good. "

    In tights or in the nude?

  • WingCommander

    ".......................they make Susan and me look good."

    ^^^ Shouldn't this read, "..........they make Susan and I look good." ??? Sounds like improper grammar to me. Maybe I'm just an uneducated worldly mentally diseased apostate though. Not sure.

  • Mad Irishman
    Mad Irishman

    You know Tony can't say too many things without insulting someone somehow.

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    To Wing Commander: the grammar is correct in the sentence, ".... they make Susan and me look good." If you remove the other person from the phrase, the sentence would read, "... they make me look good." One would not say, "... they make I look good."

    This is the test you can use: remove the other person or persons from the sentence to see whether you use "I" or "me".

    Another example: "Susan and I went to the store." If you remove the other person, the sentence becomes "I went to the store." vs "Me went to the store." So in this example, the use of "I" is correct.

    Clear as mud?


  • sir82

    Shouldn't this read, "..........they make Susan and I look good."

    Grammar police here...actually, that is correct. Take away the "Susan and". You wouldn't say "they make I look good".

    Tony is a nimrod, but the writing department flunkies who edited his bio do understand grammar.

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Tony's little life story just confirms that this religion is all about appearances. He and his wife are able to "look good" because their kids stayed "in the truth".

    All about appearances. I guess Jehovah must not look very good to Tony because Jehovah had "kids" who didn't stay faithful. Poor Jehovah. Maybe Tony can give Jah some pointers when he becomes a spirit king.... The bible seems to be missing many key points and advice.

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