Family Worship Night Rule.....

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  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    I have it on good authority that at the recent circuit assembly it was announced from the platform that there had been reports of groups of families and friends getting together to study on Family Worship Night and that this was not to continue as FWN is for families ONLY and not for other brothers and sisters to get involved in.

    Oh, and if you live alone, then you have to study on your own, you alone are your family, you are not to join anyone else's FWN (although I'm sure they didn't mean you couldn't join your blood family's FWN....)

    The level of control never ceases to amaze me.....

  • BabaYaga

    Holy crap. I wish we could see that in print...

    It boggles the mind. Oh, yeah! Hooray for MINDS!!!! Thanks for that...

  • sir82

    Isn't that how the "great Bethel apostasy" of the early 80's started - groups of people getting to gether to study the Bible without an explicit program outline from the FDS?

    There is probably nothing that could scare the WTS more than the thought that they might be facing another situation like that. Hence the heavy-handedness at the slightest whiff of "study groups".

  • Dagney

    Sometimes you just have to wonder if they are for real.

    Sadly they are.

  • Dagney

    There was a very popular WT study night at a family's house where anyone was invited, and especially singles. The family had four boys, and they thought what better than to have a lively WT study for young people. It was a great place to meet new people.

    I see now that would be "against the law."

  • leavingwt

    Thanks for sharing this information. It does not surprise me.

  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    It's sad because all these brothers and sisters getting together were genuinely trying to do the right thing instead of just using their new free night to watch more TV, go out or do whatever else took their fancy. It was probably more fun and encouraging to have a larger group.

    But no, any fun must be nipped in the bud lest it lead to apostasy, the greatest sin of all........

  • passwordprotected

    I think this is absolutely excellent.

    My personal WTS wake-up call was the letter explaining the the BSG was to be no more. My mother-in-law the very next day expressed how sad she was and how upset that she wouldn't be able to meet in a small group for fellowship. She wondered if the sisters in "divided households" could meet together for Bible study. Immediately I remembered the September 2007 KM article about not meeting in private groups for Bible study/research.

    From that moment on my exit from WTS mind-control started.

    How many others will be woken up by this new statement?

  • passwordprotected

    Ninja, weren't some of your relatives all having a communal study last night?

    Seems like the WTS is saying "no study group for you!"

    What's interesting is that the 1st C Christians - of whom the WTS say they alone are most like - all met in private homes for study, worship and - shock horror - prayer. Yet 2000 years later the Governing Body have decided that's not the way it should be done.

  • passwordprotected

    It boggles the mind. Oh, yeah! Hooray for MINDS!!!!

    LOL, good one.

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