JW’s & Atheists - Great (Cultic) Minds Think Alike

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  • parakeet

    Perry, you need to remember that .............. nah, you're not worth taking even a minute of my time.

  • Mastodon

    OK, so apparently to be a 'Born Again' one has to check ones brain at the door... How can there be 'knowing' without verifiable proof? I think that the Church of Kirk Cameron and the Holy Banana Peel has a hand in this!

  • Perry

    A book that condones rape, murder, genocide, bigotry and hate?


    I've debunked all the false accuasations many times on this board. Others have done so all over the internet as well. The answers are very easy to find and the price of ignoring the answers is very high.

    Perry, methinks you use the phrase 'undisputable facts' a little too loosely.

    We know how to calculate random odds that are known to be "impossible". The "random" fine tuning of the universe is uncountable orders of magnitude beyond the impossible.

    The only possible answer is INTELLIGENCE.

    Edited to add:

    The phony definition of atheist that you provide is grossly dishonest. The OXFORD DICTIONARY has one million English words going back hundreds of years that can be checked. This is C. D. in action on your part.

  • donny

    Even if we find some unquestionable evidence that "someone" created the universe, it does not mean that its called Jehovah/Yahweh/Jesus and he had his words recorded in the bible. Jews/Christians/Muslims have no more proof that their god is THE GOD than any of the other religions. It's all based on opinion and what one is comfortable with believing. Most believers around me cannot even give up 16th century English to get a point across.


  • Perry

    I'm still waiting.... anyone want to describe the measurable properties of the "god of the bible" and a mechanism by which these properties may be measured?


    The doctrine of Sanctification provides a lot of "measurable" properties for the believer as he interacts with God and becomes more and more like the perfect Son. I put together a little website describing the fundamental doctrines of bible. Sanctification is one of them. I highly reccommend discovering some of the measurable properties of God for yourself.


  • Mastodon

    So let's go from you 'only' possible answer... whose intelligence? Can you prove that Jehovah, YHWH, Yaweh, a.k.a. the God of the Bible is such 'intelligence'? Without using the Bible?

    BTW, human logic can possibly 'debunk' anything, even if it's written (or plagiarized?) in plain black and white.

  • sir82
    It is the the largest load of dung ever slung out across a printed page IMHO.

    What in particular do you find to be inaccurate / unreasonable about the idea? Please be specific.

  • Perry

    Most believers around me cannot even give up 16th century English to get a point across.

    Hi Donny,

    The reason they (and me) refuse to give up 16th century English is explained in GREAT detail on my website.

  • Tuesday

    When a person becomes "born again" he know longer wonders if God exists. Before that, even as a "Christian", a person may suspect, deduce, believe,... that God exists; but it is only in the re-birth that there is a knowing. Further, if a person doesn't have this "knowing" he is not a child of God plain and simple. He is going to Hell.

    To use you're own example, I could know I have a job when I wake up in the morning just to find out the building has burned down or went out of business. I knew, until evidence was brought to my attention.

    Please look again into the cult properties, you might find that your born-again belief fits right into it.

  • Perry

    Please look again into the cult properties, you might find that your born-again belief fits right into it.

    Tuesday, I am teaching a class right now on Bible Cults as a matter of fact. Exactly what is it about the habitation of the Spirit of God inside a person that you find cultic? I'm not saying that it is not against every fiber in our nature to allow such a thing, because it is.

    Bible cults all steal one or more properties from God. The re-birth is a restoration of the natural state of man with his God and father.

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