JW’s & Atheists - Great (Cultic) Minds Think Alike

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  • Robdar

    We need to be more like the Muslim countries where they execute non-believers like you!!!!!

    LOL Only if I can choose executioner and method of execution.

    Shag me to death, baby?

  • Elsewhere

    I asked for measurable properties of the "god of the bible" and a mechanism by which these properties can be measured.

  • Elsewhere

    Once again, Robdar is offering absolutely nothing to support her, ahem, "position".

  • Tuesday

    I think your example about the job is rather flawed. Could you come up with another example?

    It's not that someone believes they still have a job the next morning, but evidence had not been provided to show they did not have a job. If a boss told the employee that they were fired the night before, then they would have evidence they were unemployed that morning. But they could then believe that if they go to work they would still have their job. Obviously that opinion might change if then when they got to work security escorted them off of the premises with a box full of their personal effects. Or if for instance someone woke up in the morning got ready to go to work then saw on the news there was a fire at their workplace. That would be proof that they did not have a job that morning.

    I think there's a big difference between believing something just because, and believing things based on evidence. I believe that I'm 5'9, this is based on the fact I've been measured at the doctor's office, measured at the DMV, and have measured myself several times to come up with my height of 5'9.

    People think there's no God based on evidence or lack there of. I would probably exchange belief with think to be a more accurate view of a definition of Atheist.

    Last point, if you look at many of the cult properties either from Steve Hasaan or otherwise, you'll find nearly every religion fits into that mold.

  • Mastodon

    Perry said: " The ultimate authority for definitions is of course the bible."

    WHAT? You can't be serious... So the 'ultimate authority', in your view, is a book that basically is a compilation of stories and beliefs that existed centuries before Judaism, christianity and the Bible itself? A book that essentially stole, or let's just say 'compiled', tales from ancient 'pagan' religions? A book that condones rape, murder, genocide, bigotry and hate? And that's a fact. Certainly, you must be kidding...

    The Bible is a book full of primitive writing meant for primitive people.

    You can define 'atheism' as you want and try to generalize the term, but let me ask you, if you 'in your heart' say something with certainty, isn't that a 'belief'? Another thing, that example about the man in the office... pure rubbish. The word 'belief' exists and functions outside the context of religion. For example:

    1. I believe in electricity

    2. I believe in the sun

    3. I believe mankind is cappable of great goodness and unspeakable evil

    4. I believe global warming is happening but that it's not entirely man-made

    5. I believe the Bible is rubbish

    6. I believe religion is rubbish

    7. I believe I'll have another drink!

    See? the word 'belief' is not tied to religion, it's tied to the individual, which means that believing in something does not make it automatically real. I believe that 'God' does not exist, which is the same as saying 'I don't believe in God'. In your mind, what I believe, is irrelevant... so there, again, the word is tied to the individual using it and, in your mind, my belief in God or lack of it, does not change your perception in the matter.

    So, even if the literal definition of 'atheism' is 'without God', it's all about perception and what YOU want to believe and what sources you use to base your definitions from. I prefer actual scholar sources than 'stolen' ancient manuscripts. Now copy and paste this in your next post (from Wordreference.com):

    1 atheism
    a lack of belief in the existence of God or gods
    Category Tree: psychological feature +cognition; knowledge; noesis +content; cognitive content; mental object +unbelief; disbelief +atheism
    2 atheism, godlessness
    the doctrine or belief that there is no God
    Category Tree: psychological feature +cognition; knowledge; noesis +attitude; mental attitude +orientation +religious orientation +atheism, godlessness
  • Perry

    Where do I begin? How about this? I reject your definition of Cognitive Dissonance.

    C.D. is the act of holding two mutually exclusive concepts or statements as true, although both cannot be true.

    Wrong. C.D. is the uncomfortable feeling caused by holding two contradictory ideas simultaneously.

    On The Way Out,

    Would you mind telling me how you make the quote boxes. When I highlight and hit the quote buton, it just centers the text without a highlight box.

    Anyway, your definition centers on feelings. While that might be true of some C.D. it leaves open the possibility that if one's feelings can be stuffed down far enough the problem will go away. Not comfortable with that at all.

  • Perry

    Sir 82,

    The Multiverse is really an infinite of Universes. It is the the largest load of dung ever slung out across a printed page IMHO. When atheists are cornered by indisputable facts such a "fine tuning", this is the kind of mental masturbation that is trotted out in full fanfare.

  • Elsewhere

    I'm still waiting.... anyone want to describe the measurable properties of the "god of the bible" and a mechanism by which these properties may be measured?

    You can talk definitions and philosophy all you want but that will accomplish absolutely nothing. There is a reason it's called Mental Masturbation.

  • Mastodon

    Perry, methinks you use the phrase 'undisputable facts' a little too loosely. Given that your 'fine tuning' argument lacks any empirical proof that the Universe was actually created by one Invisible Man, you should call it 'theory' at the very least.

  • Perry

    I think your example about the job is rather flawed. Could you come up with another example?

    I think it's a decent example. I'll take another look at before I post on my website though and see if it can be tightened up. I'll probably take out the part about atheists living with their mothers as well. Some might not have as good of a sense of humor as they do here.

    Last point, if you look at many of the cult properties either from Steve Hasaan or otherwise, you'll find nearly every religion fits into that mold.

    That is exactly why, especially after coming out of a cult, a person should be very wary of ANY ideology or world view. God's Word offers the promise of KNOWING as opposed to belief as a worldview.

    Romans 8:16 The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God:

    When a person becomes "born again" he know longer wonders if God exists. Before that, even as a "Christian", a person may suspect, deduce, believe,... that God exists; but it is only in the re-birth that there is a knowing. Further, if a person doesn't have this "knowing" he is not a child of God plain and simple. He is going to Hell.

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