The Sheer Boring Monotony Of Being A Jehovah's Witness

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Nancy I was happy to be in the Drama also! The Elder said: "OKay we need a tall strong lad Witness 007 for your part'.......I'm thinking Goliath or King Solomon.........."You'll be assisting with moving the props and furniture"......... true story....I walked on with a coffee table, that was my 5 minutes of fame.

  • StAnn

    tijkmo - I could really use some company while I clean house, wash dishes, etc. Come over to my house during the day. There's lots going on over here!


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I don't think I could ever describe JWs as 'losers'.

    They are victims.

    I wasn't a loser when I believed their crap. I was a victim of my upbringing by fellow victims.

    My wife is a victim. She is not a loser. The mind control has been so strong for so long that she has lost her ability to reason when it comes to cult theology.

    In other aspects of her life she far from being a loser.

    Cognitive dissonance will kick in eventually, but her entire social circle, including some converts and our children, consists of JW except for her 'not Apostate coz he never got baptized' husband, so she has a very strong incentive to remain in the cult.

    I wait patiently for her to revert back to the loverly Anglican girl I married.


  • reniaa

    Are we saying here that only KH meetings are the boring ones that walking into any other church/synogogue/mosque we would be delighted and have full enjoyment in listening to the speakers?

    lol my definition of bordom has changed over the i find sitting in a random pub/bar drinking with people i've known for years, exchanging the weekly small talk, watching the same entertainment yet again drinking enough booze to take the edge off, something to avoid at all costs.

    scientifically speaking society has changed, people have shorter attention spans and a need for immediate rewards and enjoyments given from there chosen environment, entertainment reflects this with movies getting more action led rather than story led.

    I used to love biblical discussions while on the doors and I now find the inane conversations on football and weather or britney spears so frustrating, or endless TV series that just interchange storylines between each other, its why i'm drawn to these discussions boards.

    Maybe a better question to ask yourself is why do you find meeting environment boring now?

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    I would envy those who slept at Conventions.....I would do the sleepy head bop but never sleep.

  • DoomVoyager
    The best one is when a speaker has a certain point mind, and asks about it. Usually consisting of ten minutes of people aimlessing stabbing at it, until the hit the right word. Where everyone "sighs, thats it! its written there"

    They play that idiotic guessing game practically every freakin bookstudy here. I mean seriously, how the hell is trying to guess what some window washer is piecing together in his ruined cretaceous brain cells supposed to be a "spiritual Paradise?" Sign me up for hell.

    Witness 007: Sixteen Tons is the perfect song for this!

  • stillajwexelder

    it is possible to take the edge of boredom in meetings - critiquing in one's head what is being said. Looking at the hotties in the hall etc, etc

  • LovesDubs

    Ive been to boring classes in school and boring meetings at work occasionally... but three days a week, five hours a week, week after week, year after year of the same boring things being "discussed" in a stuffy Kingdom Hall where everybody is putting on aires, with everything militantly timed down to the minute, sometimes seconds, with bored speakers reciting the same boring outlines with absolutely no personal thoughts or entertainment value allowed...where people keep TRACK of whether you are there or not and give you shit if you arent...or shun you for not being spiritual enough if you dont comment, or underline or sit there like a statue during all of that...or beat your kids into sitting there and listening to ADULT topics five hours a week...

    thats a whooooole different ballgame than any church I have ever been to...EVER.

    I went to many Witnesses Now For Jesus "conventions" and realized the factor that was missing in ALL the JW meetings...was JOY!

    At WNFJ we talked, we sang, we had folks playing instruments, we raised our voices and clapped and cried and held our hands up to the Lord, we took communion and laughed and shared and had fun being with each other. We wore comfortable clothes, we walked around when we wanted to...we attended whatever talks we WANTED to during the weekend. NOBODY told us when to sit when to stand when to speak when to come when to go when to do ANYTHING there...and I realized what a total waste of 13 years of my life being a JW had been.

    Freedom to praise the Lord like they did in the Bible? priceless

  • ldrnomo
    So now I figure I'm like everyone else on the planet. I dont know what's going on. Unlike a lot of people, I am aware that I dont know


    Thanks for doing all that study and reading for me. Now I'm aware that I don't know what's going on either. But ya know there's a certain peace in knowing that you don't know. And it has also become fun to search for somthing to know again. That's what makes life interesting.

    If I keep digging, will I find gold?


  • mcsemike

    The summer conventions were an absolute agony, especially the ones at Yankee Stadium, in Philly, or Giants Stadium. Outside, in the heat, etc. I always served as an attendant captain or worked security just so the day would go faster and I'd have a reason to walk around, often not being able to hear the talks, and talk to people. My ex-wife (still a loyal Witless) is a nurse and worked first aid until our daughter was born. Then she had to sit in the stands or hang out in the walk around areas if our child cried or fussed. Looking back, it was almost child abuse to bring a child to a convention in the heat and have them try to behave for hours like that. What insanity!! I still can't believe I wasted my life, and my child's life, and our time, being involved in that total crap.

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