The Sheer Boring Monotony Of Being A Jehovah's Witness

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  • Confucious


    I posted this before.

    But I have a loss of memory after 10 years at the hall as pioneer.

    I remember certain events... but I can't place when they happened or which event happened before what.

    But I do remember that Monday nights I was at the bookstudy, Thurs at the Theo School, Sunday at the talk.


  • Nancy Drake
    Nancy Drake

    It is boring.

    I remember going ape sh!t when our congregation got to do the drama though. My dad got to be Ezra, too. I thought he was Cary freakin Grant...

    What an awesome time to be a JW. That one time.

  • jookbeard

    The boredom did it for me, you can try and go through the motions to please your wife ,family ,friends etc,all the while still keeping up with all the latest apostate stuff, but I just could not kid myself anymore, I used to play little stupid games like how long you could go to the bathroom for, or I used to sit behind the retarded kid ,just to see if he could give me a fit of the giggles

  • tijkmo
    i am an ex-jw..

    i have never been so bored in my life

    Could you clarify ?

    were you bored as a JW, or are you bored now that you have left???

    bored now...

    bored bored bored bored bored

    my life as a jw was busy rewarding fulfilling eventful..never a dull moment.

    now i have nothing to do...and all frickin day to do it

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl


    All of you quit whining! You may have been bored, but at least you got an education equal to a four year college education thanks to the Awake! magazine! You ingrates....

  • jakmarx

    Its brilliant not going, especially after a childhood of being bored to death!

    The annoucements always got me, especially resolutions. Which where a total farce, totally just going the motions. Dont even get me started on the accounts annoucement, time would actually stop.

    The thing that I nver understood is the "discussions" / "question and answer" where by nothing is discussed at all. Merely recited in a fashion that resembles discussion, only to be clearly not when the speaker denouces a brother & sister for being wrong!

    The best one is when a speaker has a certain point mind, and asks about it. Usually consisting of ten minutes of people aimlessing stabbing at it, until the hit the right word. Where everyone "sighs, thats it! its written there"

    Plus Illustrations suck, they are overused. greatly. Almost insultingly. Usually describing very simple concepts in complicated fashion. So you spend ages figuring out what exactly the person was trying to say!

    Before & after is no better, just a bunch off false facade's and cliques.

  • WTWizard

    There is never anything worthwhile. The week revolves around those big fat boasting sessions and field circus. Field circus is going to people's homes, saying the same things, placing the same wastes of paper, and repeating. Boasting sessions are about how "wonderful" Jehovah is because He is going to bring back something He has no intention of ever doing (how many times can you listen to the same paradise crap and not waste your time on it?).

    The upcoming Big Boasting Session is a prime example of this waste. About all it is is more admonition to go out in field circus, and that others have done so despite challenges that make most people's obstacles seem trivial. Basically, the essence is "At any given point and time, field circus has the highest priority". And you have to sit there all day to listen.

  • minimus
  • LovesDubs
    LovesDubs if someone is bored not being a JW any more...and that life was so thrill filled it begs the question...why dont they go back and be entertained again?

    How would you guys like the job of having to write those mamby pamby articles week after fricking week year after year rehashing, rephrasing the same old shit every single time with NOTHING NEW to add to the mix? And NOT being paid for the privledge either?

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Sing: "Ya Preach sixteen Miles and what do you get? Another day older and in Jehovah's debt.....Saint Peter don't you call me cause I can't go....I owe my Soul to the Watchtower store...

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