Do you facebook??

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  • digderidoo

    Ok, i am ready to come out to ex jw friends.

    I have recently registered on facebook and have been in touch with some friends i haven't seen for years.

    I have always been reluctant to post any pics of me on ex jw public forums or give away too much personal information. For the simple fact that i am a fader, rather than d'fed. I have to take my believing family into consideration. But at the same time i have got to know a number of ex jw's over the years and would like to keep the contact.

    But if anyone who knows me on here would like to contact me through facebook please feel free to PM me and i will give you my details!


  • free2think

    hey facebook friend.

  • NewYork44M

    What happened to Myspace? I told someone that I was on Myspace and their response was - that is so oldschool.

    What is so great about facebook? Why don't people tell me these things?


    Facebook rocks! Please add me as a friend. You too NewYork, get yourself signed up.

    Robin Mallory

  • Hope4Others

    Ya I agree face book is the best....its way easier to use....

    And most of jwd friends are there.....


  • excito-are

    I use Facebook, even a few witnesess in my hall use it, so I tend to keep profile pic tame, rather than the one of me smoking cigars with Castro in cuba


  • besty

    Nothing wrong with you and a fat cuban as your profile pic.....if you are DF'd and don't give a shit for the WTS crap.

  • momzcrazy

    I heard the opposite. Myspace was the way to go, facebook was old school.

    So I got both!

    I love facebook, but I am playing mafia wars on Myspace, which I like.

    There are tons of JWDers on facebook.

    Chaunte Somerville

  • Dagney

    I'm trying to.

    Having "technical" difficulties.

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    I'm on facebook, add me if you like by doing a search of my email address

    tube_girl @ hotmail dot com

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