Did You Find That A Lot of JWs Were Cheap?

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  • tijkmo
    only tijkmo when we met at edinburgh.....he he...just joshing tijjy

    but that's because i am ex-jw now i was never cheap as

  • hamsterbait

    The meanness of dubs with tips is almost legendary.

    It is obviously widespread, as there was an item in the rules and must-dos for the DC about leaving a tip that is considered adequate, in line with what is the going rate. They reminded the witlesses that many rely on tips to supplement their low wages, and poor tips are a bad witness.

    Of course you have all heard the joke about the barber who is retiring...


  • sacolton

    Not only are they cheap and do everything half-assed, but if a brother runs a business he over-charges you.

  • mind my own
    mind my own

    Yes I did find that many of them were very cheap. But I do agree that for the most part it was out of neccessity.


  • civicsi00

    I used to be cheap because I was born and raised a JW. Couple that with being poor, I was always cheap. My sister is even cheaper than I am!

    Now that I'm out, I've learned to let go and spend. Life's too short to hoard all the money.

  • Melody Blankenship
    Melody Blankenship

    The JW witch that my dad married is so cheap that she will not buy him a cherry limeade from the Sonic until "happy hour!" when it's a whole 87 cents, but she has been more than generous with our family trust money. There seems to be quite a few $$$$$$$ missing from the trusts set up by my parents back in 1995, and thank God that my Mother had the good sense to do that before she passed away. That is exactly why we are now in a lawsuit with my poor old dad who is bedridden with Alzheimer's, to stop the nonsense. They are not only cheap, but also greedy as Hell!!! This is all happening in the Elk City, Oklahoma congregation where Anthony Ferguson is the presiding overseer, in case anyone out there is wondering. By the way, they now have a new hall that we're pretty sure was pretty much funded by our family trusts if you can believe that!

  • JimmyPage

    Just today I heard one tell another: "Brother Electrician I've been meaning to have you over for dinner (oh yeah and look at a wiring problem in my garage while you're there.)"

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