Did You Find That A Lot of JWs Were Cheap?

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  • ninja

    only tijkmo when we met at edinburgh.....he he...just joshing tijjy

  • StAnn

    If they weren't cheap as a group, the Society wouldn't have had to give lectures at every assembly that it was NOT okay to just leave a book for a tip at the restaurant after the sessions. Made them look bad.


  • redredrose

    We had a family in our congregation that you would not believe.

    They were former bethelites, maybe that helps explain why the husband wore a woman's winter coat that was given to them! (he was really short).

    They would do anything to save a penny. To get their son to take shorter showers they told him that it would automatically cut off after 5 minutes and then the father would go outside and under the trailer with a stopwatch and cut off the water! Is this theocratic war stratagy in action!

    To save money on food the whole family would go dumpster diving! They would sift through the dumpsters at local grocery stores and salvage the vegetables that the stores threw out - and then they would brag about it if you were ignorant enough to accept their invitations for dinner!

    This next story may be enough to out me in my small town, but I just have to tell this. I used to work for the fire department, and one time they were called out by a concerned citizen who saw a bunch of mutilated deer carcasses near their house, thinking it was someone involved in witchcraft or something sick. Well, you guessed it, it was our former bethel family, who had asked local hunters for the carcasses of deer they shot, and really I don't think I want to remember what they wanted them for, maybe they were going to skin them and make clothes?
    I can't remember, and I'm not sorry.

    On another subject, sorry for hijacking, but the mother would clip their fingernails and toenails (she never wore panty hose, just an unnecessary expense, you see) during the meeting!

    They were so strange it would be difficult to make them up!

  • Finally-Free

    Not necessarily cheap with money, but with their time and affections. They'd part with a dollar a lot sooner than part with a moment of their time.


  • WTWizard

    I have found several of them were cheap when it came to hospitality. They had plenty to put into the Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund, however.

  • Robdar

    Not so much cheap as they were poor. I have seen many witnesses just barely living above the poverty level.

  • minimus

    Most of the Hall that I was in was pretty much middle class.

  • minimus

    The first Hall I was in was welfare poor and proud of it!

  • LongHairGal

    My experience was that the cheapness ratio averages the same as the general population. People are also selective when and who they were 'cheap' with. I know I am. Some people are simply not deserving. I am referring to people who didn't want to be a responsible citizen and work for a living. They preferred to work part time and look for handouts. Maybe these people thought I was 'cheap'. So be it. I wasn't supporting any wanna-be clergyman.

    I have to be honest and say that some of the poorest ones were very generous with what they had and showed more hospitality than the affluent ones who had 'class distinctions' and never bothered with single women.


  • minimus

    Redredrose, that's some crazy shite.

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