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    The WTS/FDS/GB teaches that a Christian (jw) cannot store their blood to be transfused later. Why then is it a conscience matter for a jw to use hemoglobin-based products made out of expired stored human and animal blood?

  • Tuesday
    The WTS/FDS/GB teaches that a Christian (jw) cannot store their blood to be transfused later. Why then is it a conscience matter for a jw to use hemoglobin-based products made out of expired stored human and animal blood?

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    drew sagan

    As a deeper explanation as to why I personally believe my question to be of a 'silver bullet' nature (of which I believe I posted a topic of this sort a good while back) is as follows.

    Just for clairification, I would like to add this little bit to my question, there was something I forgot to add. The full question is as follows

    Can you provide comprehensive evidence using the Bible alone that proves an invisible Jesus Christ descended from heaven in 1919 and chose the Watchtower for a divine mission to warn the world of coming destruction?"

    The reason I like this question so much is because the opening premise is one that the Jehovah's Witness readily accepts. Just hink about the opening phrase:

    Can you provide comprehensive evidence using the Bible alone...

    Any Jehovah's Witness who hears the phrase 'prove this to me using the BIble alone' will jump for joy at the opportunity. They believe they can prove all things using the Bible alone.

    The trouble is that of course they have many beliefs that have nothing to do with the BIble. Now personally I don't really care what they base their beliefs on. I'm not saying they are a lesser religion because they rest belief on made up stories from the 1930's. But to a Jehovah's Witnesses this is a big deal. They have to prove everything using 'the bible alone'.

    No Jehovah's Witness is trained to defend the 1919 teaching. Most may not even realize the scope of it. But their claim is so very clear. An invisible Jesus Christ supposedly came down from heaven and chose them as the only religion on earth that was true. An invisible Jesus Christ! They don't even have a story were somebody had a vision or something!

    For a person that has bought into the Watchtowers idea of the 'pagan Trinity', the 'error of hellfire', 'apostate Christendom', the name Jehovah or anything else these ideas about invisible Jesus in the 1910's may be something you are willing to possibly consider. But if you are just some guy who is having his first discussion with a Jehovah's Witness, the last thing that JW wants to talk about is his more exotic beliefs. Rather, he wants to build you up to the point were you'll just accept such stuff without any evidence.

    So in essence you are taking their most fanciful and exotic teachings, things they typically hold back from new members, and put them out there are the #1 thing you want them to answer to. They are not used to dealing with this, and it can result in a huge disconnect.

    I know it's somewhat of a loaded question, but it has so much potential. No other question (or series of questions) comes at a JW faster. I'll also add that this question gives you the ability to simply sit back and let the JW dig his own hole. You simply asking for the evidence. If he starts to talk about hellfire, just redirect him and say you don't want to talk about that, you want to talk about invisible Jesus in 1919. The point should be clear.

    That's at least how I view it.

  • Gary1914

    Jehovah's Witnesses believe that there have always been Jehovah's Witnesses on earth.

    If that is true why did God allow the Bible to be compiled by the "apostate" Catholic Church and not by Jehovah's Witnesses?

  • besty

    "I'm compiling a case study on high control Millenium Cults. Would you be willing to assist me better understand the information I already have on the Jehovahs Witness group? Does this time tomorrow work for you? Great - see you then"

    *goes off to download V's pre-compiled case study*

    "I've been doing some research on the Moonies high control group - they use terms like 'the Truth' , 'going out on the work' and practise extreme shunning of former members. Are those concepts familiar to you? Would you be willing to help me understand the difference between Jehovahs Witness and Moonies?"

    "I read in Time Magazine that Jehovahs Witnesses have wrongly predicted the end of the world on at least 6 specific dates. Would you be willing to discuss what led up to each false prophecy and the aftermath result for the membership?"

    *embedded sugestion of ....f a l s e p r o p h e t....

    As a father/mother I'm particularly concerned with child abuse facilitated by religious communities. When I read some of the background info following the multi-million dollar secret settlements made by the JW's in California last year - you do know about that yes? - it seems that your leaders treat allegations of child abuse as a spiritual matter and don't neccessarily report the matter to the authorities, thereby exacerbating the problem. Would you personally do the right thing and handle things differently?"

  • avishai

    Ask them how they feel apostates are to be treated....then.. Ask them if they know the parable of the Good Samaritan. Ask if they understand why the Jews and Samaritans hated each other so much. Chances are they won't. The parable is so powerful, not because the Samaritan was a "non-jew" or vice versa. That would'nt have been a problem, either Jew or Samaritan would've likely helped a Pagan. No, they are both sects of Judaism, who violently viewed one another as, get this.........APOSTATES!!!

  • Philippus79

    Ask them to read and explain John 3:13 from their NWT...

    13 Moreover, no man has ascended into heaven but he that descended from heaven, the Son of man.

    They will superficially tell you that it means Jesus had a pre-human existence. You say, alright, but do read it again carefully...

    If no man has ascended into heaven except the son of man who descended, then the son of man had already ascended before he said this statement. So Jesus, the son of man, had ascended to heaven before he descended as Jesus. But if he had ascended to heaven before he descended as Jesus, then he must have descended as someone else before that ascension in order that he could actually ascend. For it is impossible to ascend into heaven without first descending from heaven. So Jesus had descended from heaven before and then ascended back and then he descended again and made the statement above.

    In other words, when Jesus came to preach to the Jews and to give his life for all mankind, this was at least his second visit to us. In other words he had come here before as someone else, before Jesus.



  • BarefootServant

    Q. (thinking blood issue) Would it be right to break one of God's explicit laws in order to save a life?

    A. Of course not!

    Then refer to the Lord Jesus Christ's view on the same question to the Pharisees (Mark 3): "is it right to save a life on the sabbath?"

  • BarefootServant

    Or along the same lines of

    The WTS/FDS/GB teaches that a Christian (jw) cannot store their blood to be transfused later. Why then is it a conscience matter for a jw to use hemoglobin-based products made out of expired stored human and animal blood?

    ask: If blood is to be poured out onto the ground, how can blood fractions be scripturally obtained?

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