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  • StAnn

    I know LDH won't change my opinion and I'm sure that I won't change hers, but I do think that it's important that we understand one another.

    I just know how much joy my handicapped children bring into my life and I'm saddened to see others reject the opportunity to be of service to other humans, because I know that it makes life so much more worthwhile. That's one of the reasons I am so passionate about this.

    Normally I would NEVER quote Princess Diana, as she's not known for her intellect, but she said that she thought the biggest problem in the world was our lack of love for one another. I think she was right.


  • LDH

    Change Agent.


    Yes, I have a license to kill.

  • LDH
    Why don't you share your views with them on their joyous day and see if you are still invited.

    I already have. When she told me she and her husband were devastated with the diagnosis....they had elected no genetic testing because they are Catholic. I told her that while I respect her religious views, my husband and I decided that we would not have continued with the pregnancy with such a diagnosis. She said, 'I understand.'

    and YES you are behaving like a martyr. No mother jumps for joy when she is told that her child will have significant physical or mental disabilities. Were you happy when you heard about it? Please be honest with the answer.

    Of course not. You made a decision to be the best parent you could be when you found out, which is the same thing almost anyone would do in your situation. But don't tell me you didn't cry when you received the news. Anything less is dishonorable and emotionally fraudulent.

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