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  • RAF

    Well the bible is neither complex nor simple … it’s only “challenging” … it all depends on who is reading it (his/her past regarding his life and this book) and the state of his heart regarding everything (not only him/her – because everything has to do with him/her in being a part of everything).

    The more you intellectualised the bible, the more it’s confusing to contradictory (being intelligent / smart is not the key of this book – and it’s written in it – it doesn’t help just as well as human wisdom is not divine wisdom …) God is Charity (translated into love in the NWT – I guess on purpose to confuse twist its meaning regarding God and what it means - cause love is not precise enough to explain what kind of love it is all about).

    The only think which helps to understand this book, is to adhere to the main principle, (love others, as yourself, as God – as if we are all the same = all one) and this principle is symbolised and personified by Christ – the UNIC : principle - the head - the master - the way, the truth, live … = the foundation (IT IS THE BEGINNING of the understanding of the story of life, and others – not intellectual understanding but feelings through and from others).

    And Christ is about conscience from consciousness by experience (at maturity – for capacity = be able to). You don’t really need that book you just need a heart sensitive to everything.

    The Word in being with God as God is its conscience from all consciousness ...

  • jaguarbass

    It means dont give up, keep on trucking.

    As long as you keep on trucking the political religous system can keep robbing your energy.

    And that's what its all about.

    Someone else getting your energy.

  • Kenneson

    Why would Jesus tell his disciples that they would be hated, persecuted and put to death if he was talking about the end of the world? None of the ones he was speaking to, nor those who came after saw the end of the world. Therefore, he had to be speaking of enduring until they died. Otherwise, none of them could be saved because none of them saw the end of the world. The only ones who could be saved would be the ones who endured when the end of the world came (whenever that comes).

  • Brother Apostate
    Brother Apostate


    Exactly. I never cease to be amazed at how incapable some folks, such as booby, are of critical thinking, reasoning and reading comprehension. Sad.

    BA- Enduring to the end.

  • booby

    I am Booby. I am incapable of critical thinking. I am incapable of reading. I am poor, and ragged. I am all beat up. Poor me. Jesus did not, nor did I say the end of the world!!! He talked about the conclusion of a sytem of things. To those asking and "listening" it was very real that in their day, their time these conditions to watch for existed. So for them the urgency was to build up their faith and endure that end of a system of things. A conclusion of the world yes, but only in the sense of what they knew. So was the thrust of the discussion anything to do with "salvation" as such. No!! It was talking to them to help them to understand of what he spoke. I don't particularly like to be belittled, however I can take it like a big boy. I can remember one of the public talks I delivered years ago, and although I am sure if I read the talk through today, I would think much of it was bunkum, the one thing it covered well was the numerous times the bible mentions systems of things, referring to different times and occurrences. But anyway I am sure you are smarter and more Knowledgeable and Wise than I am, so I am sure this will be far to elementary for you to see.

  • Gregor

    Yes, context by all means. First of all there was no "Christian" faith when he spoke these words. He was talking to fellow Jews who were dominated by the Scribes and Pharisees who were in turn cozied up to the occupying Roman empire. He was encouraging Jews to not abandon their religion. He also had a fanatic following because he made no bones about identifying himself as the long foretold Messiah. He had been immersed in the Hebrew scriptures from youth and knew all the prophesies of the messiah by heart. Combine this with the fact that he was almost surely suffering from bi-polar disorder (manic depressive with religious fixation) and his words, essentially saying, "hang in there!" make sense.

  • reneeisorym

    Does it really matter if it's the end of your life or the end of this "system of things"? Either way the point is to endure. It's the end of life in this world. Your end may come at death or the second coming.

  • cameo-d
    He talked about the conclusion of a sytem of things

    "conclusion of a system of things" is Watchtower Speak.

    "Enduring to the end" means keeping your integrity through personal trials and keeping that conviction to the end of your life without giving in to compromise.

    The problem is that you seem to be reading from Watchtower Literature or you quote from their phrases. This is what messes with your head.

    Jesus refered to it as THE END. Not a "conclusion of a sytem of things."


    And it is challenging of course to those who want to get out of it as much truth as possible.

    You can know it when you find the people who teach about the end of the world based on the Bible .

    If we are near the end the words of Daniel 12.4,9 must be fulfilled in our times. That means that the newest truths of the Bible are available and it may be that many of the past religious views became obsolete.

    To get a good start go the http://www.familyradio.com and get hold on Harold Camping's teachings .This old man of 86 ( or 87 ) has a very interesting Open Forum program .

    I listen to his programs and yet I am siding with Jehovah's Witnesses while he is against them. This may cause you to pause and I hope will be a challenge to you in the near future.


    Only true christians are able to endure to the very end of their lives. Their endurance testifies to the fact God Yahweh worked through their salvation.

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