Are there any religions that worship God but do not believe in an Afterlife

by jwfacts 31 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • Hope4Others

    I think that there is a bigger picture we do not see and may never fully understand.

    To me living a good life and showing compassion for others is what life in this world is all about. I tend to not

    worry about after I die, but I hope there is a better place. I leave in in the hands of a higher power.


  • jgnat
    You didn't say this but I must ask, do you think that those us of who have noe drawn closer to divine only live by "base instinct[s]"?

    I think there is an individual responsibility to be our best, whether we believe in the divine or not. Wouldn't you say? If a person deliberately chooses the hedonistic path and truly does not care who is hurt in the process, I would say that person is living by base instincts.

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