Will the collapse of the US financial system lead to an increase in JW's?

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  • jwfacts
    You will not find a true single christian servant today who is not submerged in the end-time issues if we really are living in the endtime

    OBVES - for 2000 years doomsday Christians have said they were living in the "endtime". Don't you guys ever accept failure?


    There are various ways to explain the endtimes .I have come to conclusion using the Bible that we one symbolic day can mean 1010 years.

    4027 BC ( from Adam ) + 7070 years = 3044 AD.

    6 days are meant for the present world order = 6060 years .

    The last days in the period of 6 days will be two days at minimum: 2 days x 1010 yeare each = 2020 years.

    2011 AD ( my latest prediction of the end of the world ) - 2020 years = 10 BC .

    4027 BC .... 4010 BC - 3010 BC - 2010 BC - 1010 BC - 10 BC - 991 AD - 1991 AD ... 2011 AD .

    10 BC + 20 years = 11 AD + 2000 years = 2011 AD.

    10 BC + 2000 years =1991 AD + 20 years = 2011 AD.

    Another way can be as such:

    We count first 6000 years and add 60 years at the end as the last days ( night days are 10 years each).

    4027 BC + 6000 years = 1974 AD + 60 years as the last days = 2034 AD.

  • stillajwexelder

    sadly YES

  • sacolton

    No. If anything, people will have to start cutting back - perhaps severely. People won't have the money to put gas in their cars to go to meetings or spend leisure time out on field service. Long trips to conventions and assemblies are out of the question.


    You don't have the whole picture if you just stick to the past predictions that were made . The problem is the identical to finding out which religion is true to the Bible. And we look for the best explanations. More we move forward in time the better is the understanding of the Bible .So ,the latest predictions nullify the old ones by the virtue of being better ones.

    You can go to http://www.familyradio .com and get the teachings by Harold Camping on the end of the world.

    And compare them with other predictions of old you know and then check also my predictions how they were built and compare them all.

    I have found a way to prove all the predictions after 150 AD and before the date 1878 AD can be ignored !There is a deluge of information that was not given to know to many generations past and you can see it to yourself by studying my posts.

    You have to prove the Bible is for our time to speak about the predictions valid for our times.

    You must find which religion is true in the eyes of God as they all cannot be right at the same time.


    4027 BC from Adam to 1027 BC -Solomon Temple built = 3000 years.

    1027 BC + 70 weeks as 490 years = 537 BC + 45 years = 492 BC.

    492 BC + 70 weeks as 490 years = 2 BC + 45 years = 44 AD .

    44 AD + 3000 years = 3044 AD.

    4027 BC + 3000 years + 3000 years = 1974 AD

    1974 AD + 490 years + 45 years + 490 years + 45 years = 3044 AD= the Last Day .

  • free2beme

    Hardships in history, are known feul for the fire of cults and are used repeatedly and affectively. So to answer your questions, yes. Just not with Witnesses only, all religions may see a temporary increase in attendance. Remember post 9/11?

  • DaCheech
    No, I don't think so. It will just keep the hard ones close to the WT

    I agree 100% to the statement made by justhuman!

    these die hards, look for every stupid event.... to make it their salvation!

    newspaper articles that support their view are photcopied and passed on like "holy paper"

    any anti-witness articles is "satan's seed"

    double standard specialists


    Already you started on a wrong foot . There were always wars,calamities like earthquakes or solar and lunar eclipses . The first thing is to establish time frame and then we seek how can we atttribute a given event to the endtime sign.

    Example: there hundreds of solar and lunar eclipses in mankind's history .None of them except one set that occurred in the time period : August ,11,1999 and January,21,2000 was an end-time sign !

    To a regular men the solar and lunar eclipses :

    Solar on August ,11 ,1999 AD and lunar on Januray ,21,2000 AD were nothing new or extraordinary - we always have had such phenomena .Yet ,these two were the signs of the soon coming end of the world . Why? Because they occurred in the timeframe that was derived from the Bible studies and calculations resulting from them. Read my posts on alt.religion.jehovahs-witn (a google group ).

    Had the First World War occurred before 1878 AD it would not have been a sign of the end of the world ! Look the same event one time is a sign of the end but the other time not a sign ! Why ? Because of the differences in time ! The war in 1914 AD-1919 AD is a sign of the end,while the same war some years earlier would not be a sign !

    Had the International Bible Students appeared .say, in 1568 AD they would not be that christian organization of the end-time era !

    But since they appeared later on the scene and are linked to the dates : 1879 AD,1884 AD,1914 AD ,1918 AD,1921 AD they were the true end-time christian organization !
    The same applies to Jehovah's Witnesses ! They had to have had the period : 1935 AD -1942 AD.

    If I came up with the mission as that one independent servant from Luke 9.49-50 in the period : 1986 AD - 1993 AD I would not be that servant ! I could not lay claims I am doing .

    The period had to be 1984 AD - 1991 AD.

    This is God Yahweh the Almighy One working in us in the end-time era and none can thwart God's plans .

    The time framework is the basis to rfecognize the end-time signs and to do that we must calculate using the numbers from the Bible . ASnd that is why so many opponents come into view because of that .Satan is using all possible tricks to trick people into not believing the calculations that lead to the establishment of the end-time chronology - the timeline .

    If you reject the timeline you don't have the basis in recognizing the end-time signs as these signs look normal to a regular men.

    Once the timeline is ridiculed and lost there remains no good convincing reasons to believe such and such events are the end-time sign.

    The Book of Revelation is so complex that it is impossible to explain it without plotting out the timeline and then when we have the timeline we may try to interpret the Book of Revelation .

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