Will the collapse of the US financial system lead to an increase in JW's?

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  • jwfacts

    http://money.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=632789 discusses that "the collapse of these pillars of the US financial system inevitably will result in the decline of the US as a financial power." I have received emails from JWs saying this proves the end is near. (Surprise surprise, I hasten to remind them that hurricanes, floods and US economic issues are not part of the sign of the end.) It is this sort of paranoia that feeds doomsday cults, so I wonder if there will be a surge of US JWs in coming months or years?

  • Jeremy C
    Jeremy C

    I have been giving this some thought recently. The Watchtower organization certainly does thrive and prosper off of distressing world events. Such events always put new life into the Jehovah’s Witness "end is near" knee-knocking. Distressing events tend to cause active members who might otherwise drift away from the organization to "buckle down" and stay with the organization.

    I’m not certain that a severe financial crisis would result in a large influx of JW converts. I think that there is enough information out in the public which will continue to steer people away from the Watchtower. If people begin to pursue religion as a refuge, I believe that they will search out other Christians churches; as they did after 9/11.

    After 9/11, I remember that the U.S. saw a spike in church attendance. However, there was no significant increase in the JW membership. 9/11 did more to galvanize and unify the current JW membership than to gain new recruits.

    In times of distress, it seems as if the public generally seeks out churches which are involved in the community with charitable activities. The Watchtower organization has never shown any interest in holding a food drive, opening a soup kitchen, or involving itself in other charitable activities except in natural disasters. They really don’t offer anything in comparison to the many "mega" churches.

    I do not believe that a major economic crisis would bring about significant growth in the JW organization in the U.S. Other countries may see greater growth; but those here in the U.S. who are inclined to search out religious faith will most likely seek the more mainstream churches.

  • Brother Apostate
    Brother Apostate

    To directly answer your question: Maybe in the short term.

    To expound on the issue: All the exuberant buying in this worldwide economy, all the exports, all the imports, are based on one thing that most do not understand the significance of:

    Fiat money.

    Money made from nothing, that most put their faith in.

    Credit made from nothing, that most put their faith in.

    Power made from nothing, that most put their faith in.

    BA- Wake up- the house of cards is falling, and you will have your eyes opened, willingly or unwillingly

  • yknot

    It is still to soon to know if this is a total 'collapse'.

    But I agree with BA.... in the short-term yes it could.

  • 1914BS

    I thought that the end of false religion was to come first

  • BurnTheShips

    These cults feed on fear and misery. They then peddle lies as a solution.

    Will the collapse of the US financial system lead to an increase in JW's?

    The answer is: I think so.

    At the very least, the rate of loss will be slowed down.


  • drwtsn32

    Any large calamity will cause people to turn to religion. Think about it on an individual level...people tend to turn to religion when things get rough: financial problems, loss of a loved one, etc. Religion gives people something to hope for even though it's not real.

  • blondie

    The jws that went back and people who came in because of 9-11 have drifted off again around here. Will they come back again..........nothing new, always disasters and problems every year.

  • aniron

    You can be sure that the JWs will make something of it.

    But as we all know all these kinds of things have happened in the past. They seem to dwell on the bad things that happen.

    But ignore that Jesus said and that they themselves keep pointing out. Is thatJesus said life would be continuing as normal when He returns.

    The "day of Jehovah" will come as a thief in the night etc etc.

    Apostle Paul also said that there would be "peace and security" before "the end" does it look like that now?

    What of "Babylon the Great" falling, end of religion etc. If such occurences cause people to go back to the churches then that is not religion falling is it!

    Probably the churches themselves are glad such things happen they can say "look what happens when you neglect God"

    You can bet someone in all things will make something from it all to their advantage whether religion or something else.

  • Pahpa

    I think BA is right. There probably will be an initial increase if things continue to worsen. People tend to seek other means of support when conditions appear to confirm a failing system. Religion is a natural because it offers some hope for a brighter future when the present offers little. The Watchtower always exploits the news when it is bad.

    But some will tire of the many Watchtower predictions that failed in the past. Many members on this site are the example of the "flip side" of this whole issue.

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