Were You PERSONALLY Affected By 9/11?

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  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog


    Anytime I see programs or factual movies of 9/11, it becomes an emotional time.

    Looking at photos, many times brings back the smell.

  • minimus
  • Dagney
    Looking at photos, many times brings back the smell.

    Oh that smell...will never forget that.


  • DaCheech

    this girl:

    her husband died in the Marriot lobby trying to evacuate the patrons.

    she got millions, 1 1/2 years later she married her husband's best friend (best man at wedding)

  • Champion

    One of my husbands best friend Carl Flickinger, and another good buddy Steve Cherry. I always remember Carls twin boys birthdays because they turned 11 years old that following Saturday. Carl was out looking for bikes for them the weekend before. He never got a chance to buy them so a bunch of the guys went out and picked two up for the twins.It was so sad. So they will turn 18 this coming week. We were great friends,he gave me a hand when I started my own promotional business.He had me come to his then firm Herzog and they wrote my first big order. It's weird I just was looking at a silver bracelet his wife gave me with his name on it and 9/11 never forget.. engraved on it. She just got remarried this past Feb. The area I livein CT had alot of people that worked for Cantor, and a few other Wall street firms that were in the buildings. Two boys who play on my sons lacrosse team lost thier dad and he was a well known lacrosse player. So today was a sad day around town...

  • crazyblondeb

    I didn't know anyone....it just brought back memories from the OKC bombing.

    I was there with the red cross trauma unit. I can remember that smell, those faces.....

    I was activated that day in Dallas.....

    My heart goes out to all of you touched so personally.


  • Blueblades

    One of the jw sister's got out on time she worked in the lobby. She was in our congregation. My co- worker at JFKIA lost his daughter in the WTC. We all made a collection for the family. My co-workers at JFKIA had an few offices in the trade center, their gone now too.

    My wife and I witnessed the second plane crash into the tower from my roof top in Bklyn, listening to the radio at the same time, just across from the bay.

    It was a surreal day for us. I just left the grave yard shift at Kennedy and was going to bed when my wife told me to come to the televison that they were showing that a plane crashed into the WTC. We went up to the roof and the birds were flying or were blasted over our heads from the direction of the WTC. into Bklyn. and then we saw the second plane approach and crash into the WTC.

    We criedfor all the loss and shattered lives that morning.

    Each day as I traveled to JFKIA a train of trucks would pass me with the debris from the trade center to be sorted out at the Staten Island dump site. This went on for months and the smell when the trucks passed was overwhelming.

    Yes we were personally affected by 911.

    Our son use to lay rat traps at the WTC. and we thought that he was there at the time. We were scared for him. It turned out that he was taking a test out in queens and found out about the WTC. about 4 hours later.

    Our hearts were stopped that morning.


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