What are your plans post JWD?

by penny2 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • BluesBrother

    I will definately keep posting - I am much too involved still to "move on" , I need the fix of the net and an antidote to the dub culture that surrounds me.

    Where will I go? I do not know yet, but I will turn up somewhere..

    Later Edit ; OK I just signed up at J WS and Ex JW forum...but I will still be here for the duration. They will have to kick me out..

  • ballistic

    I only post once in a blue moon now, which means I probably won't post anywhere else after. (but never say never) When you only post occsionally, it's hard to keep up with people or the board in general. Without actively going up and down the board searching for people, it's impossible to know where some of the old faces are, or even if they are around anymore. When I click on Thoms chat or slippys they seem to have disappeared also.

  • TopHat

    No plans but to leave it all behind, I don't have the interest or inclination to continue discussions of the JWs or that business the watchtower. I guess that is why I am interested in the political comments section on JWD.

  • Dagney

    I don't know just yet.

    There is nothing quite like this place. I'm not a good "chatter"; it hard enough for me to keep up with everybody in my off board life.

    I really appreciate the diversity here. I enjoy the arguments; they make me think outside the box. Boy will I miss that. There are many here that I don't necessairily (at the moment) agree with their viewpoints. By reading their posts and knowing them to a degree from the board for the past two years, they give me a personal perspective to a differing opinion I probably woudn't pay attention to otherwise.

    I would love to leave it all behind, but can't seem to. This week I am involved giving advice to a JW in how to handle things with a relative that may go to the BOE. So having the JWD edge seems to help. And I have friends grappeling with their varying stages of JW'ism, and again, between the friends I've made here and the daily info from JWD, I kind of feel I can help them on the journey. I just heard this week that another elder is "done." I will get details tonight. So I won't be leaving anything behind just yet due to my friends and family.

    I am on here less now, but like the fact I can catch up easier with the pages. I still really love it here, it feels like home, dust bunnies and all.

  • LisaRose

    I don't think I'll go to another site. I've enjoyed reading and posting occasionally, but I think I'll move on to other things. My JW background is not a very big part of my life anymore. I live in another state from where I was a JW, my 2 children were never baptized, I'm married to a "never was" and I have a few JW relatives, some who talk to me and some who don't. I feel very lucky to have gotten out of it without major angst or problems in my current life. I've enjoyed reading about other who have been in the same boat, but enough is enough for me.

  • done4good

    I'll continue to post here until I can't anymore. But, after that, it will be time to move on. I have been out for three years, and pretty much have an entire new life now. It's time to let go...


  • penny2
    So I won't be leaving anything behind just yet due to my friends and family.

    Most of my immediate family are still JWs. It's really good to come here when I'm frustrated with their attitudes and inability to see the obvious.

    I have been out for three years, and pretty much have an entire new life now. It's time to let go...

    done4good, you've done well!


  • chickpea

    atm i am a daily visitor to JWR
    and try to hit JWD at least 3-4 days/wk

    but i have to say, my interest in all things b0rg
    is wanig significantly as my academic schedule
    and family issues become more time consuming....

    it kinda feels like what a last semester senior goes through
    " the f*ck-its", as in i really dont give a rat's ass about
    what goes down in terms of my "fader" status as my
    son's gender transition becomes more and more public....

    as soon as the last kid graduates (june 2011)
    i am shaking the dust of this burg off my feet
    and heading to parts unknown..... hopefully
    there will be a more determinate destination
    by then, but i am not gonna let that get in the
    way of my exit, stage left! ( thank you, snagglepuss)

    i am looking forward to the day when the machinations
    of the b0rg are a distant memory that will be stirred by
    a buried newspaper article announcing the collapse of a cult

  • GermanXJW

    I think I'll be leaving it all behind.

  • GoingGoingGone

    Can't leave it all behind as long as my husband is in. There is no one else who understands the unique problems and stresses that creates like another exJW. I really need the support.

    I'm still hoping that JWD won't really go away....


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