Former J.W. Now atheist?

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  • easyreader1970

    I consider myself to be somewhat of an agnostic at this point. I know that there are some people out there who will say that there is no gray area between theist and atheist but I disagree. In my mind, there is always a gray area. Nothing is black or white. Well except maybe pregnancy, death, and most mathematics.

    I believe that the Bible is inspired in the same way that I think a song or poem is inspired. A God didn't write it or have a hand in writing it, but the people who wrote it may have been thinking about God during certain portions of it. Much of it, however, I think was written as a method to control people, especially the war tribes of the Old Testament text.

    The New Testament doesn't make any sense to me at all. It's almost like a sequel to a movie but the main actors were replaced with new ones. And then they include some fan service by making occasional references to Hebrew texts.

    I do not believe that a deity would have made "the Truth" as confusing and puzzling as the Bible is. I think that if it really was the word of God, anybody could understand it. You wouldn't have to have men to make it make sense, an Organization. Why would God need both? If all he needs is the Organization, then why have the Bible? If the Bible is what people need, why would you then need someone to tell you what it means?

    Further, I refuse to believe that a deity would choose to allow his creations to suffer cruelly, brutally, and violently just to prove a point to some other spirit creatures standing around watching. And yet he loves us. Does not compute.


  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    Just a little thought to ponder on

    Back in ancient times whenever there was an earthquake, severe Storm, flood or some disaster of magnitude, the people then declared

    it was Gods anger and vengeance being displayed, ......ummmmm does that sound familiar to something you heard at the Kingdom Hall

    Primitive man was indeed ignorant of the world we live in a fact whether you agree or not

  • undercover

    I'm an apatheist...

    I used to consider myself agnostic...I couldn't prove one way or the other if there is a god but over time I lost interest in the debate. There's no proof of a god, I see no evidence of a god's direction in human affairs so I live my life without worrying about something there is no proof for. Yet, I won't debate it. Someone else wants to believe, more power to 'em. Just don't force it on me 'cause I don't care.

  • LongHairGal

    I consider myself pretty much an agnostic and I certainly would never get involved with another religion ever again.

    Being associated with the JWs has cured me of the desire to be interested in religion. The thought positively sickens me.


  • funkyderek


    Could it be God's grace that kept you from or freed you from their hold on you?

    Could be, I suppose, but if that were the case wouldn't said God have used the same grace to nudge me a little further in whatever direction he wanted me to go? I mean, if he was going to all the trouble of using his grace to get me out of the wrong religion wouldn't he go that one step further and point me towards the right religion?

    Personally, I find it pointless to second guess the possible motives of hypothetical deities. Instead, I rely on the evidence to determine my beliefs. That evidence has led me to atheism.

  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    I am in a place of just enjoying my freedom right now. I haven't explored any other religions yet. We are even having a hard time reading the Bible, you just still seem to read it through JW glasses or something. However, I am enjoying just hearing what other people have to say about their thoughts and beliefs for a change, listening and not having to dominate the conversation with all of life's answers.

  • done4good

    Agnostic by one measure, atheist by another, (contrary to what many say I do believe symantics and definition play a part here).

    I tried to continue belief in a higher power after leaving jws, I'll even admit to vacilating somewhat on this. At the end of the day, there just is no evidence for such a being. Learning to think critically eventually allowed me to see this. Although I wanted to believe, I could no longer. Eventually, I became at peace with this.

    Now I'm a bit more like undercover...apatheist. Really don't care to argue the point anymore.


  • lrkr

    Nod to Done4Good- Hows it going?

    I think that the WT teaches you to be proud of being different, question orthodoxy and tradition, and at least pay lip service to intellectual curiosity. When the blinds finally fall off you have no problem applying all of those traits to all religion, and then to God, etc. It seems that many of us are athiestic or agnostic. I think part of it is that we were told all of our lives that religion was bad. We have lost the innocence of childhood and are cynical adults.

    "We are all athiests about most of the gods that humanity has believed in. Some of us just go one god further." R. Dawkins

  • chickpea

    i am in a flux, with definite leanings towards
    nonbelief and it WAS my experiences as a drone
    in the collective and my unbelievable willingness to
    not only swallow but advocate the party line (aka tripe) that
    has compelled me to apply critical thinking to everything!

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