i was a full time preacher who else did ?

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  • WTWizard

    I was hounded to pio-sneer for a time. I have had samples of what that was like, including one time I spent the night with the humanoid that dragged me into the cancer. The day after included street work, and then regular field circus, all morning. I got 5 hours of field circus in that morning, before I decided I had enough. And that was about all the "pio-sneering" I could take.

  • LisaAnn

    2 years aux, then 2 years of less than 5 hours per month, then 2 years regular pio. (I'm not a very stable person lol!) Then I got pregnant and instantly wanted nothing to do with full-time service.

  • easyreader1970

    The highest number of hours I ever put in was 22. This was more than twenty years ago.

    I worked with a pioneer sister and one of my friends. I realized then what a sham (and a shame) pioneering was. You spent very little time talking to anyone but you made sure to at least stop at a gas station every so often in order to "keep the time running".

    Why in the hell is this important to Christian ministry at all? It's not like you're driving a cab. It was at that point that I couldn't understand the logic behind keeping numbers on JWs, other than to pigeon-hole them as being "strong" or "weak".

    If I spend two hours having two meaningful, spiritual conversations about the Jehovah deity and that is all I did for the month, why is that of less value than the person who spends 10 hours but doesn't talk to a single person?


  • Emma

    I pio'd for four years, three of them "where the need was greater." Really struggled with trying to live on minimum wage of 20 hours work a week and burned out after a couple of years. Kept going a couple more after that. Aux'd a few times. What a pointless waste of time.

  • Seeker4

    Aux. Pioneered through my last year of high school, Reg. Pioneered through the birth of my first child four years later. After that I Aux. Pioneered and even Reg. Pion. for several years while my kids were growing up. Taught two Pioneer Schools in the 1980s.


  • mattbetrayed

    ok seekers4 and what happened why are you out?please tell.

  • chicken little
    chicken little

    Hej Mat,

    My hubby was reg pioneer for 14 years, I was vacation pioneer at 13yrs every holiday, 75hrs, then reg pioneer for 8yrs. Pioneered through pregnancy until little one was 11months (resigned as the elders said I was not getting my time in...I missed the 1000 by about 50). Even pioneered again when we had two kids for a year...stopped because my husband had a depression. It filled a need to be wanted and to be of assistance to people. I always without fail came in contact with women with severe depression or problems.. they were the ones I could help. Now I realise that I should have sent them to a doctor or social worker not into the Jw prison.

    I think that the pioneering name tag is just to give it a ring of importance that some love to show off with. When I was growing up if you were not a pioneer you were nothing in the cong. It was like being admitted to the fast track when I joined up...suddenly pioneer brothers were interested in me...wow...must be me! I was so terrified to reveal my doubts and weakness, I must always be strong and positive. Served in inner city cong were there was so much poverty and the pioneering thing gave a feeling of accomplishment amid so much dispair. The ministry seems worthwhile when you are in that kind of an environment...everyone is in the same boat and nobody has anything else...so you go out in the service.

    I accept my choices....I made them...but I am glad I am out of it and with my eyes wide open now.

    Hope you are doing well

    Love chicken little

  • Honesty

    I'm still pioneering...

    Blazing a trail away from the Watchtower for the doubting JW's.

  • yknot

    ummmm..... sometimes on paper I was.

  • mattbetrayed

    keep em coming.and thanks it is good to know that it is not just me that feels this way.

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