i was a full time preacher who else did ?

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  • rache31

    I forgot who mentioned the writing of your excuse on the slip but that brought back memories! I used to hate that but I kept on pioneering from 18 to my early 20's. I wish I had kept the job I had when I first started. My boss offered me a position with more hours and you know I thought that was Satan trying to hinder me. The hours I did work barely kept gas in my car and my parents helped me with my car insurance. Oh, I regret that. I should have been caring for myself completely. I know parents help their children if needed but I could've been helping them out financially! I also passed up another job a couple years later because I couldn't figure in meeting my pioneer hours. An old classmate scooped up the position and it worked well for them. I remember seeing them buy their first place while we were in our 20's. I was jealous but I thought soon the end will come, my former classmate won't survive, and I will have a house anyway. It's sick now when I think of it. Funny, that dub way of thinking...

  • mattbetrayed

    isnt that the truth rache31 you are so right.

    but it is never to late to do what you want to do,i did and iam so much better off for that.

    please do what you want god will bless you!

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