i was a full time preacher who else did ?

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  • mattbetrayed

    i did the full time min from school even though i could have gone to drama school.WHAT A WAST OF MY TIME AND LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!iam happy to say that i came to my senses and went back to school and became a nurse,very happy i did my wife is still a jw but she stopped the pioing and she to became a nurse.

    i will make sure my kids dont get temped to be encouraged to do that wast of time.as the wife still goes,and my mom and dad and sisters still go.

    anyway would love to know what others who were pioneers felt of it and what doing now,please tell.

  • happehanna

    I was a pioneer too when I left school stopped when I had my children , husband carried on for over twenty years.

    When we left JW's he became a policeman &

    I am a teacher.

  • Octarine Prince
    Octarine Prince

    I auxiliary pioneered for a few months, then regular pioneered. If you think they are telling you the whole truth, there is nothing else better.

    Then you find out.

    BTTT for Bethel.

  • mattbetrayed

    happy for your coment,but what octarine prince does bttt bethel mean?

  • asilentone

    BTTT=Back to the Top for Bethel to read in the active topics.

  • gymbob

    I've vacation pioneered, temporary pioneered, auxiliary pioneered, regular pioneered, special pioneered, and served time in Brooklyn. What a big fat waste of time it all was.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I PI'd for a year to go to the PI school.

    The promised "joy" was absent from everyone else who PI'd.

    It was pure misery and I became imbittered.

    If that's joy, I'd rather be sad.

  • DoomVoyager

    No but I auxilaried 4 times (I think). Pure hell, I hated it more each time.

  • thebigdebate

    I aux every summer while in school. Then Full Time for 1 year after high school (1000 hours - not this 800 sissy stuff) Then I got my Pioneer friend pregnant and then we lived happy ever after.

    in Minnestoa (anyone else?)


  • jwfacts

    I did 7 years full time service, pioneered back in the 1000 hours a year days. Our Secretary made you write a reason on the report card for any month you got less then 90 hours (which actually is 1080 hours per month) I enjoyed some of it, but when I compare myself with my new peers I am about 10 years behind them all emotionally and finanically.

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