I find myself just getting "tired" of waiting for the End of the world. U2?

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  • flipper

    BOOKER-T- No I'm not tired of waiting for it - because it's a fantasy- ain't never gonna happen ! So get on with your life, get inolved with some positive actions in living in the here and now - don't worry about the future while ignoring the now. Find some great causes to work for - develop some great enjoyable hobbies - and go live your life happily and full ! All I can say ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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  • sspo

    Do some research and you will find out that from the beginning of time, every generation felt they were living in the last days and they would see the end of the world in their life time.

  • independent_tre

    Every culture has it's Armageddon, end times scenarios. So do most religions. If it(whatever it is) comes, then it comes. It's nothing I have control over. I refuse to live with a cloud of doom over my head as the organization would have you do. It's not healthy. And it's ruling by FEAR. A definite mind control tactic. When someone lives in fear it's very hard to research things rationally. The organization keeps people in fear with telling them they aren't doing enough and that you have to do more more more to get through Armageddon. The organization also uses one's children against them. If you're not a good Witness then your children are going to die. And then you'll be bloodguilty. What a rotten thing to say to loving parents!!!! And don't bother saving for retirement as Armageddon will be here and you won't need it. And now there are elderly ones with NOTHING. That's LOVING. Salvation is a gift from God. We can't earn it. We've all fallen short of the glory of God so how could we possibly earn it?????? Thankfully God is the judge and not a body of elders!!!!


    Mandette - I really love this post, it's exactly how I feel I'd been mislead to preach a message of 'doom and gloom' - not Christ's message of salvation. I've never been motivated by that kind of fear and I hate that it's used to guilt trip so many. Excellent post


    Some one on the board said..The end is so close,they don`t buy Green Bananas anymore!....................Laughing Mutley...OUTLAW

  • jwfacts

    Notable doomsday sects:

    2nd century Montanists
    4th century Donatists
    10th century Lotharingian computists
    13th century Joachites
    16th century Anabaptists
    17th century Women in the Wilderness
    18th century Shakers
    19th century Millerites

    Every century has had its preachers of doom, Christians such as above and in every other religious tenet. It is a sad feature of human nature and in my opinion a pointless way to live. Live to enjoy life, not longing for it to end or change, that is the key to happiness.

  • chickpea
    How about living your life a little

    exactly!! the only end i believe to be inevitable is mine!

    i [email protected] sure am not going to sit around and wait for it to happen....
    it is going to have to catch up to me!

    and IF the world DOES happen to end, what would have been the
    point of waiting around for it in the first place? time's a-wasting!!!

  • 2050

    I don't wait for things that aren't going to happen.

  • civicsi00

    You know what, man? I had been spoon-fed that the end of the world was coming so quick, I probably wouldn't survive it. My family lived like it was going to end pretty soon. I still remember my dad saying that the end was right around the corner, and that there was no need to fix up the rickety house we lived in because of that. And you know what? He passed away, and we're all still here. My mom, who is going to turn 60 in 3 more years has been waiting for the end all her life, too.

    If it IS going to happen, then GREAT. If it's NOT, then GREAT.

    BUT, from my own perspective on reading the Bible alone and no Watchtower/Awake magazines, Jesus wouldn't have wanted us to preach a message of DOOM. Let alone, he wouldn't have wanted us to preach that he didn't die for all mankind. So I'm going to make the most of my life by living simply and helping other people OUT of this cult and helping out people in need.

    What I'm really tired of is this: The Watchtower's insistent claims that the "end is nigh". Didn't they ever get a clue by reading Luke 21:8? If only all Witlesses could apply this text to the Watchtower...

  • LongHairGal

    It isn't healthy mentally or emotionally to think this way. You have got to appreciate your life in the present and try to find some happiness now.

    You weren't born to be waiting for the end of the world. This isn't normal thinking. You are born a physical person to live on the earth. Whether or not there is a 'hereafter' or 'paradise earth', you weren't meant to watch the clock and have your life slip through your hands like sand in an hourglass. Time is the most precious commodity we have and when somebody is deluded or tricked into thinking they should keep in expectation for the end of the world, how are they supposed to live their life in the present time? This is just insanity. This is no better than people in christendom waiting to die and go to heaven. There is no difference.

    This is such an awful trick on the part of religions. How they have deluded millions of people into thinking they are going to live a 'real' life at some time in the future in never-never land and they squander away the precious time of the present.


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