Senior Citizens......How does your congregation treat them?

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  • nameless_one
    How about taking out your checkbook and paying a handyman to take a look around, rather than expect someone else to do it for free?

    What a cold and nasty reply. Did you even read the original and follow-up posts? This woman has given her whole life to the WTS, sacrificed her family basically, and won't listen to her own daughters when it comes to the state of her home. What she needs is for a couple of brothers to get off their sorry butts and pay a visit, take a look, perhaps show a tiny bit of care or concern for her well-being so as to give her some peace of mind. They're the most loving people on earth, right? They look after their own, right? Yeah, that's why this thread (and this board) are full of story after story about the "loving kindness amongst Jehovah's people" translating into "we'll suck you dry and then kick you to the curb." Nice. I don't even know you lola, but I found your reply arrogant and cold and offensive.

    CBB, I am sorry this is happening to your family. Good luck getting anyone in the borg to give a crap, but maybe they can at least be shamed into pretending they do. Freakin cult.

  • changeling

    The JW "party line", is that they expect children and close relatives to provide assistance to their elderly. When no family is available to help, they sometimes step in. But not always. I know of a childless elderly couple (long time elder) who lived in NO.When Katrina came they were evacuated to a nursing home. A few months later they were transferred to another nursing home. The wife died there a few weeks ago.The never returned to their home.

    In the case of my elderly parents, they live with us. Since we no longer attend meetings the "brothers" provide rides for them. They have a great life.

    However, what money my parents have came in the form of an inheretance (from a SDA pair of aunts, no less). If it were not for my family, my parents would have gone through that money long ago. They would only have SS to subsist upon. They would be in a not so nice facility that provides shelter for elderly people on Medicaid. Witnesses would drop by every now and then and count their time chatting with them.

    As for your situation, I feel the elders are thinking it's for you and your siblings to figure things out. Try to make them understand that she has real needs that you and your sibs cannot afford or have the expertise to address. If you get no satisfaction, a letter to the local paper is a great idea.


  • Melody Blankenship
    Melody Blankenship

    I think a lot of how a Senior Citizen is treated by the JW's depends on how much money he or she has! This has definitely been the case of my dad who has a lot of JW's taking care of him......all with their hands out! I just hope that the JW's who have been taking care of him have paid taxes on the money they were paid. I (along with the IRS) will be finding out! This is the congregation in Elk City, Oklahoma just in case there are any JW's who get on here and read the posts!!

  • asilentone

    Welcome to the board, Melody, I am looking forward to read more of your posts!

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    There are a lot of variables to the answer to this question. Brin mentioned some, money and who you are/know, how much time you put in service each month, how many meetings you get to.

    Lack of love was what made me stop going to the meetings, and from what I've read here and on other boards over the last several years, this is a WORLD WIDE THING!

    Lola, your post and your attitude makes me sick. The JW's preach how they belong to a World Wide Brotherhood, how we are supposed to give our very LIFE for our brother or sister, yet very few would come and help you out with something, bring a meal over when you are sick, a visit in a hospital or nursing home? Think about this and maybe you might, just might, maybe, re consider your attitude.


  • Melody Blankenship
    Melody Blankenship

    I know for a fact that the JW's in Elk City, OK are a very greedy and ungrateful congregation. Last year when my dad was most likely footing the bill for the new hall, they were all about taking care of anything he needed. His lawn was in tip top shape, but now that the hall is up and going, it seems his lawn care is not a big issue anymore. And when the JW's do go out to help take care of him, they always seem to be getting least that's what his financial statement indicates. Yow, a real loving bunch! Makes me want to go out and join up today!

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