Senior Citizens......How does your congregation treat them?

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  • yknot

    Not as good as they use too..

    But then again they are following the lead of the WTS. Why bother with fellowship when you can plug everyone into the telephone.

    One one hand they are pushing FS, on the other they are making so many changes that several of the elderly are getting depressed, especially ever since the May 1, 2007 QFR. With the afternoon BS soon yanked, many not allowed to drive at night, and Elderships that don't care enough to orchestrate is bad.

  • SnakesInTheTower


    That's the Hinkson Creek.....and Hallsville Columbia, MO

    I used to know brothers in those two congos...let me call em...give me the name of the senior who needed help...I would be happy to put them to shame...

    hey better yet..since they have already rejected your call for assist...why not write a letter to the editor of The Missourian or the Daily Tribune out your way... tell them about what a great and loving organization Jehovah's Witnesses are to their elderly....

    by the ya doing?

    to the original question:

    My old congo treated them like fact, Just YESTERDAY...I got a phone call from a nearby hospital for a 90 year old sister I used to be medical POA for.... I say used to because I thought one of their elders took that responsibility when I left the congo...apparently one seems to be able to find their number. The docs were getting ready to release this old sister to go home and i was the only number they could a) find and b) get to answer the phone. I gave them the cell and home numbers of one of the elders and told them if they cant reach them to call me right back and I would take the poor old woman home....I never heard back, so I guess the hospital finally reached those "loving" Fu$k#ng elders...

    Rotten pieces of dog $hit elders...they can go golfing with the CO, but they cant take care of this one old sister who was a pillar and foundation of the congo..guess thats because she has no money to leave when she can bet they took care of the 2 old sisters who ended up leaving the congo $50K plus each... dont get me started....

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  • WTWizard

    They wanted old and infirm people to get back out in field circus as soon as possible. That is all they really cared--how soon they can get field circus out of them again, and how much they can get.

  • greenhornet

    An old friend of mine is dieing slowly from liver disease, hepatitis, and diabetes.
    He is still a JW. I think he listens in on the meetings on the telephone.
    I found out that no one from the kingdom hall visits him.
    I always drop in every 2 days to see him and cheer him up.
    He knows that I hate the JW's. He seems to be tolerate of my position.
    When he feels like going out, I get him to do non JW things and have fun at the same time.
    He said man if I get caught doing this I would have meet the elders at the back room.
    I told him just have fun I'll never tell. I took pictures of the class and he hide them.

  • eyeslice

    I really do think it is sad that the Society isn't more charitable. Surely, this is the very essence of Christianity.

    What is interesting is that people who are socially aware and active tend to be the happiest. The Watchtower continues to totally focus on FS, an activity that is totally unrewarding as a socially.

    If they were to totally change to a charity focused religion, even I might be tempted to go back and run a soup kitchen for them in so far flung corner of the world.

  • nelly136

    theyre a disposable commodity, once they have served their purpose they are discarded.

  • ataloa

    Crazyblondeb, that sounds just like my old hall.

    Some bigwigs would go out of town to fix other people's houses, but wouldn't go across town to help the faithful 90-year-old whose house was falling in. What a witness to all her neighbors. Too bad they will never get the point of Jesus' teachings.

  • heyfea

    In 1987 there was a little old sister whom seemed to have no one, other than the brothers in the cong. My husband loved to talk to this elderly sister. One day after the meeting, my husband gave this sister $20. Later, he spoke to the elder who have given him bible study, and told him that it would be nice if the cong. collected a few bucks for this old woman who had no one else and was tight with money. The elder said: 'Absolutely not. Seniors citizens could get help from the city, we don't need to do that.' My husband was crushed.

  • ex-nj-jw

    Well I've been away from all that crap for 20+ years, but from what I'm experiencing with my MIL, they don't give a damn once you are no longer able to go in field service or make every meeting. As a matter of fact no one in that hall will even drop by to say hi let alone bring her a meal or sit with her unless they are being paid.

    Trifling bunch of.........I can't stand this religion, rottten from the top to the bottom.


  • truthseeker

    If they haven't forgotten the elderly while they still come to the hall, then they pretty much ignore them once they are in a nursing home.

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