Senior Citizens......How does your congregation treat them?

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  • james_woods
    If they haven't forgotten the elderly while they still come to the hall, then they pretty much ignore them once they are in a nursing home.

    This is what I observed with a large number of cases. If they could still make it to a meeting, then if (and only if) some individual witness family or individual would get them to the meetings, they at least were noticed to be at the meetings.

    Once it got to the point they couldn't get to the meetings, they were generally forgotten in some nursing home.

    I think that the dirty secret was that nobody cared - if they were baptized, then you couldn't count time - so what would be the point?

  • tazmaniac

    We had a couple of very elderly sisters in our cong. One was the widow of a very well respected elder. They literally were the ones that started the congregation etc... Her husband died. Eventually she needed some work done around the house. We had to nearly beg, coerce, pry, cry and everything possible to get any help whatsoever. It was very depressing. This is what happens in general in just about every congregation I was associated with. Even just to get someone to pick up the elderly on the way to the hall. While I was a witness would make up silent excuses in my head. Just no real brotherly love at all.

  • NewYork44M

    I was an elder in florida. Most elders in the congregations were retires who moved down from "up north." so, if an elder came down with a recommendation from the prior congregation, they were "in." There were a few that came down without recommendations. These were branded troublemakers and were considered less than zero.

    There were, however, the older sisters who were widowed or otherwise unattached. These were pretty much ignored by almost everyone. I always made it a point to talk to each at all the meetings. I don't know if it made a difference, but I did it anyways.

  • LongHairGal

    In the congregation I was associated with they treat them like a nuisance and try to pawn them off on the single sisters.

    Then, when it gets to be too much of a burden and the poor single sister has to disentangle herself from the situation people get an attitude towards HER because now it means somebody else has to step in.


  • crazyblondeb

    I do believe, that my next day off, they "powers-that-be" in NY will get a phone call.

    I've lost my life, and mom to this cult. I'm gonna raise hell till I get an answer.

    they wanna brag.....well...they can deal with me then.

  • free2beme

    We treated them like DF people. We made them sit in the back and only talked to them, if we had too. Oh, when they got sick though, we stopped by and saw them. When they were healthy, we ignored the hell out of them.

  • knock knock
    knock knock

    My mother has lived in a small town for about 25 years and her congregation consisted of mostly elderly persons while it existed. They actually did a pretty good job of looking after each other overall. Even the "younger" members. They had to depend on each other though and that is not the typical kh.

    I'm not sure any of the dubs check up on my mom anymore and she isn't able to attend many meetings. She, and others use to regularly go out of their way to see that anyone got to meetings or any other appointments etc. But I don't see that spirit in too many of those that are anymore.

  • Honesty

    Like gold.

    They get treated every Thursday to something special...

    A ball game


    Local sightseeing trip



    The young people help them with their yard work and other chores every Saturday, weather permitting.

    BTW, I ain't talking about the local congregation of JW's who assist them by making sure they get a magazine every once in a while.

    I go to a real church now that I've escaped the Watchtower cult of horrors.

  • lola28

    How about taking out your checkbook and paying a handyman to take a look around, rather than expect someone else to do it for free?

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    Here in the Central Valley of California, USA it depends on how many meetings you attend and how many hours in service you put in. If you are too ill or old to do any of that shit, then you get treated like shit.

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