Doctor in Rome Cancer is a Fungus cures it with Baking Soda????

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  • shamus100
    cancer is not a fungus

    I'd believe internet assholes over decades of scientific research.

  • shamus100


  • Nosferatu

    - "I remember seeing a book in a health food store saying that grapes cure cancer."

    Didn't CT Russell write about that in the Watchtower as well?

  • metatron

    There is no way any drug company is ever going to support any cheap treatment that cures cancer. See:

    This is just one of many examples. Again, there are strong anti-cancer indications from substances derived from mushrooms and seaweed, for example. If you can't patent it and predict high profits ( to pay for hundreds of millions in clinical trials), it's not going to happen.

    Am I saying that a fully developed cheap cancer cure exists? Not necessarily. I am saying that promising discoveries are being 'buried' in obscure studies and never developed because they can never pay off the costs of bringing a proven product to market.


  • metatron

    Suppose someone developed a drug that could relieve hardened arteries? That could potentially save lives and prevent misery in the aged?

    You'd think a drug company would jump on such a treatment, wouldn't you? Wrong! They ran out of money and no one wants to fund development because the 'use' patent looks unprofitable!



  • drwtsn32

    metatron, the issues you are bringing up are moot to the discussion. They have nothing to do with the efficacy of baking soda as a cancer cure. Let's see the clinical trials that prove it works!

  • james_woods

    At least huckster health author Kevin Trudeau did not claim to be a doctor. Moving on to greater things, he is now hawking a book on helping yourself out of debt...ironic, isn't it? As he got himself out of debt after failure due to credit card frauds by hawking phony books...while claiming that the big drug companies were the ones interested in only how much money they could make. He thought sun-screen was the cause of skin cancer, too - not UV rays per se.

    This stuff has a sort of a funny side on the - baking soda = refrigerator seems to smell better. Bad refrigerator smell = fungus on old food. AHAH!!! Cancer = fod rot = fungus. Baking soda fights fungus. The implications are obvious to even Forrest Gump.

    There is also a sad and dangerous side when this kind of mindless drivel causes gullible persons to avoid early treatment for cancer that might well save their lives if not postponed.

  • funkyderek


    Suppose someone developed a drug that could relieve hardened arteries? That could potentially save lives and prevent misery in the aged?

    That reminded me of a (relatively) recent breakthrough in the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases, a pill that needs to be taken every day by those at risk. Kaching! for the drug companies, right? Well, no because the drug in question - aspirin - is in the public domain. If the drug companies didn't - or couldn't - prevent this from happening, why - or how - would they prevent a similar breakthrough in the treatment of cancer?

    On the subject of the "medicalisation" of everyday life, there's certainly some truth in that. Drug companies are attempting to find a demand to match their supply, and also trying to find medical solutions to lifestyle problems (obesity and some forms of depression, for example). It is important however to remember that just because the drug companies are less than perfect (and occasionally truly reprehensible), it doesn't mean that the weaselly snake-oil salesmen who fleece the vulnerable and gullible selling nonsense remedies like baking soda are anything other than charlatans out to make a quick buck.

  • drwtsn32
    drwtsn32 aren't suggesting that we abandon the clinical trial requirements (because it is simply too costly) and return to some sort of medical treatment efficacy testing system that revolves around anecdotes and hyped-up marketing claims, are you? That would throw medicine back into the dark ages.

  • rebel8

    I'm confused. What do the pharmeceutical companies have to do with this baking soda thing?

    For-profit companies aren't spending their time and money trying to put themselves out of business--this is bad? Yes I know they've done evil things but how is not studying baking soda evil? There are lots of other scientists that study things, with and without government grants. Why not be mad at them for not studying it instead of for-profit drug companies?

    Is someone covering up this baking soda theory? I Googled it but can't find evidence of a cover up.

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