Doctor in Rome Cancer is a Fungus cures it with Baking Soda????

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    {Youtube Cancer is a Fungus}

    A famous Oncologist Doctor Simoncini has been ostracised by the medical proffesion. He claims Cancer is a Fungus/Tumor and he has cured many people by flushing Tumors with ordinary kitchen Baking can this work you ask? Cancer thrives in an Acid loe oxygen enviroment, and since our diet is very acidic it's the perfect breeding ground for Cancer. The Soda is the Strongest Alkiline mineral on can put out fires or chemical spills......and assist in Cancer treatment. Recovering patients claim no side effects, and perfect health.

    Before you dismiss this as rubbish, an Australian medical researcher just won the noble Prize for inventing the Cirvix Vaccine for women around the world....he claims correctly that Cirvical Cancer is linked to a Virus transmitted during sex. Stop the Virus and Cancer can't grow. Stop the Acid and mould and the Cancer tumor dies. Viruses and moulds in the body cause Cancer.

    Check out the video.

  • shamus100

    I remember seeing a book in a health food store saying that grapes cure cancer. Just eat grapes...

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Yeah shamus just eat grapes...and I know you didn't read the book to find out what the scientific explianation was as to why this type of grape is beneficial. Years ago people suffered from Scurvy and no one believed that eating an Orange could cure it..."Rubbish" said the Doctors in the 1800's. Today we understand Vitamin C. Today people eat at McDonald's everyday...when the get Cancer the Doctor blasts them with Radiation and Chemo which is like using an Atom Bomb to knock down a house. In 1930 Chemo was said to cure Cancer but in 2008 we see many doctors researching Milk Thistle and many other natural medicines while telling us to eat less meat and more Vegetables. 78 years of very slow and Costly progress, with no improvement in treatment!

  • Anti-Christ

    Like everything else in science, it must be tested independently to verify his claims.

  • Mary

    And if you believe you can cure cancer with baking soda, I've got some swamp land in Florida to sell you at a really good price.

    This is absolutely ridiculous 'logic'. This doctor claims that because cancer always shows up white on imaging and because mushrooms and yeast are also white, therefore cancer is a fungus. All you have to do is shoot baking soda from a syringe up your ass and presto! You'll cure colon cancer!

    Simple critical thinking would tell you why this is bullshit. It's well known that high levels of radioactivity can cause cancer (as acknowledged by this video). Since it's well known that high levels of radioactivity kills most fungus (which is not always white), if cancer was a fungus, then radioactivity would kill cancer, not cause it.

    Cancer is caused by mutation in living cells which can be caused by damaging the cells and/or DNA. The reason that THC is thought to be beneficial to cancer patients is because it causes these mutated cells to die before they can spread to other parts of the body or reproduce to form tumors while leaving healthy cells intact.

    I'm all for alternative treatment for cancer and in fact used it myself when I was diagnosed several years ago. Some alternative therapy can definitely work better than others and one of the best books that was recommended to me was Love, Medicine and Miracles written by a doctor who had performed surgery and worked with cancer patients for over 30 years. I'd love to see something better than chemotherapy and radiation offered to those diagnosed.

    Cancer is caused by various things: diet, environment and genetics. I had a Witness friend who died a couple of years ago from colon cancer. She had always taken good care of herself, didn't smoke (obviously), only had a glass of red wine now and then, exercised, watched her diet----unfortunately for her it was genetic and she died 6 weeks after being diagnosed.

    As a cancer survivor myself, and having watched my older sister die from a brain tumour, I find it insulting that some moron can try and promote the ridiculous idea that baking soda can cure cancer. Which is really just some fungus. Riiiiight......

  • yknot
    ......and assist in Cancer treatment.

    Well I am sure at the very least it could have a placebo effect when used in conjuctuntion with other forms of treatment.

    Actually come to think of it, several doctors I know have their patience increase the consumption of vegetables & fruits during treatment. Most vegetables & frutis are alkaline.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Thousands of people claim they were cured of Cancer by using Alkaline therepy and do you think this Doctor is just plain LYING when he says all these people were cured....isn't this worth investigating? Most people when I mention this the shields go up and they shut down without looking at the possibilities......fair enough have a good life. Some of you miss the point. Smoking, radiation, genetics, can make you more SUSEPTABLE to Cancer developing, but what is stopping the body from rectifying the error....the Acid based body. Look it up, are thousands of people lying that they were cured or could there be something in it.....don't dismiss right away.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    I really don't think this Doctor got some Baking Soda from his Kitchen and said...."You know what I can't sell this as a wonder drug {$2;40 a box} I will inject this Soda into people and claim it cures Cancer...then he found thousands of Cancer Sufferers and paid them big money to "act healthy" and say he cured them....common people! Alkaline therepy is worth investigation.

  • shamus100
    I know you didn't read the book to find out what the scientific explianation was as to why this type of grape is beneficial

    You're right. I didn't buy the book, because I didn't have the word "sucker" tattooed on my forehead.

  • shamus100
    Thousands of people claim they were cured of Cancer by using Alkaline therepy and do you think this Doctor is just plain LYING when he says all these people were cured....isn't this worth investigating?

    Yes, the doctor is just plain lying when he says thousands of people were cured by cancer by using alkaline therapy. No, it isn't worth investigating - scientific studies prove or disprove claims; not everyday people that have no medical training.

    Not everybody tells the truth. People lie to sell books. People lie to get fame. People lie in business to make more money. It happens all the time, witness007. And all these silly theories.... You could spend an entire lifetime investigating this nonsense and get nowhere.

    If I had cancer, would I try the therapy? Well, maybe I would investigate it, and if there were seperate accounts and I found there was an outside chance of it working.... yes! I would try it out of desperation. Who wouldn't?

    Do grapes cure cancer? I'm sure there is some substrate in grapes that is beneficial to fighting cancer, just like there is in wheatgrass, vegetables, etc. etc. etc. etc. Eat properly is pretty much all a person can do in everyday life. And I sure as hell DON'T eat at McDonald's. Not ever. To those that do.... BLEAH!

    Edited to add:

    This whole health nut craze makes me laugh, too. If something is found to be good for you, i.e. vitamin A, people cram that stuff into they're body like madmen. Nobody thinks that too much of a good thing is bad for you! Too many grapes are bad for you... too much meat is bad for you... too much starches (carbohydrates) are bad for you... and likewise, tooo little is bad for you...

    Eat properly - take vitamins if you don't eat properly, but don't take them because they're good for you! Need vitamin C? Have a fresh-squeezed glass of orange juice. It's 10X better than a pill, and gets absorbed better than pills (most times). Need vitamin D? Go outside in THE SUN! Better yet, have a glass of orange juice on your deck in the sun.

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