Doctor in Rome Cancer is a Fungus cures it with Baking Soda????

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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    He might very well have. The original posts notes he has been ostracized by others in his field. I think that says quite a lot.


  • funkyderek

    Big pharmaceutical companies stand to gain a lot of money, prestige and publicity if they find a cure for cancer, which is why they dedicate so much of their resources to doing exactly that. Grubby little scam artists like Tullio Simoncini can make themselves rich by offering false hope to the most desperate people. He was banned from practicing medicine in 2003 but apparently that hasn't stopped him. See for further information.

  • cameo-d

    So how is the baking soda used? Do you drink it? What can make it taste better?

  • Finally-Free

    Just drink Club Soda. It'll cure everything.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    funkyderek, was that the case that led to him being disbarred?

    I can't find an English translation but apparently Tullio Simoncini was disbarred in Italy and subsequently convicted in 2003 of manslaughter in the death of one of his patients.

  • wednesday

    I don't mind reading these things b/c maybe someone will stumble upon a cure one day. It will probably be a unintended side effect of a drug. I have the luxury of saying that b/c I don't have cancer and I am not spending my last dime trying these false hopes. also, some of these "cures" have been around a long time and they recycle them. the grape cure is one of them.

  • M.J.

    best post so far: drwtsn32

  • JeffT

    As some of you may recall, my father shared the 1990 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work treating leukemia. So, this is a subject with which I have some knowledge.

    First of all, what the patient thinks, says and feels doesn't mean anything. Where are the pictures of the cells from before and after biopsies, done by an independent lab? How about a control group? There's always some blockhead around who is happy to take $100 a pop for water injenctions or some nonsnese while telling you about all those other crooks who just want your money.

  • metatron

    Read and get some discernment about how the drug companies are grossly distorting science.

    Believe me, this is just scratching the surface! There's a study released this week that Pycnogenol may heal osteoathritis and reduce painThink your doctor will recommend it? Notice in the past few months, how the FDA has tried to ban estriol because it competes with drug company profits earned on Premarin? The drug company filed a 'citizens petition' to get estriol banned and the shills at FDA are going along with it.

    Look, drug companies are NOT charities. If a cancer cure is not patentable, it will never come to market. This has already happened to several potential cures such as mushrooms, seaweed and graviola. They can't be profitable, sufficient to overcome development costs and so they get 'shelved'.

    Conspiracies? OK, what would you call rich people and corporations, who hire good lawyers and lobbyists?


  • Outaservice

    A perfect way to get onions off your breath immediately garlic!


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