Watchtower Religion: A Controlled Experiment in Behavior Modification?

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    compound complex


    But who knows... I've only ever heard ONE "first person" account from a former Illuminist family member that back in the 1940s the Mormons and the WT had meetings with the Illuminati. And this person was young then as her mother told her about it, which makes it more of a "second person" account. So that's the only thing I've ever heard DIRECTLY mentioning the WTBTS possibly taking on the "goals" of the One World [Illuminist] Society and possibly implementing them.


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    Dr. Len Horowitz is another source for info on the subject of government sponsored "population reduction" via chemical, biological, toxic "warfare." He had a fascinating story of how his "awakening day" came, as do we all who "believe" in the globalist agenda.

    I have read a lot of his works. I used to have respect for him. But then, last year I heard one of his lectures, and things he said did not ring true. He was talking about all this "frequency" crap and about water molecules changing when you speak words over the water. Just a lot of far fetched nonsense. I began to investigate what had changed him. This is what I found:

    For some reason I keep getting error message when I try to post this.

    There is an article "Dr. Horowitz Admits he was Knighted"

    The Knights Hospitallier ( also known as the Souverign Order of St. John of Jeresulam of Rhodes of Malta...)

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    Awww cameo, you are welcome! Glad I could help.

    It pays to post late at night where these types of threads don't get immediately bombarded by the thread-killers who want to bark and b*** and "DEMAND" MORE MORE MORE PROOF (yet they won't even bother to read what is already provided, nor go buy some books and read themselves if they don't "believe" what's on the internet, etc.)

    If you cite references, or quotes, or even people with "credentials" and acronyms and degrees behind their names, it's still not "good enough" for those who do NOT WANT to believe it, or they gripe and complain that you posted TMI!

    I am not interested in trying to convince those who have so FIRMLY made up their minds NOT to believe it, why waste enery on them as did poor golf earlier today in another thread? or poor What-a-coincidence in other threads, etc. I felt bad for them several times and wanted to jump in but feel like it's a waste of energy. It's usually the same ones who react negatively over and over, so if their mind is made up, fine w/me. The only day they will believe is the day it'll be too late.

    But why can't they leave these types of threads ALONE if they do not like/believe the subject's titles? Why not just allow those of us who like discussing these things to be able to do it in peace with each other? I don't bother reading threads about movies, or sex or porn or whatever other subject others may post about that I am not interested in. I don't jump in blasting them for posting their threads... I just don't BOTHER TO GO to those threads. Why can't "conspiracy haters" just IGNORE threads like yours and all the others on "conspiracy" subjects so we can share in peace?

    Well, I know I'm talking to the wind as I know nothing will change around here... never has in the years I've been around.

    Nothing can convince me now there is not a globalist conspiracy as I've just read WAY TOO MUCH the past 5-6 years re: all the areas of infiltration and you can SEE the reality of it EVERYWHERE. But that would kill the dreamer's idea of a "perfect and normal world outside of the WTS" (ie, "if the WT was wrong, then the world MUST be right, or I'm screwed as to what to do with myself" type of thinking). And I don't think they can handle that. It might mean they would have to face the fact there IS a time of trouble coming, with an end result of accountability to God Almighty sooner or later (and I'm not speaking here of the WT's version of things).

  • abbagail

    Ha! Yes, Coco! SVALI! LOVE THAT LADY! Did you ever listen to her audio/radio interviews? What a beautiful person! What risks she took, and God blessed her for it!

  • abbagail

    Ok eeek! cameo. Eeek on Horowitz and his Knighthood, lol.

    He kinda creeped me out with his New Age leanings, but I figured his "research" on the world agenda's machinations was valid.

    The water molecules frequency thing you describe sounds sort of like Quantum Physics (Deepok Chopra type stuff) but in an H20 kind of way, lol.

    I don't get "too far out there" with the information, though I may read some of the far out stuff and just "keep it in mind." Such as the whole UFO thing, I don't pay much attention. Do I believe there are UFOs? Sure. But I figure they are either government black ops or manifested demons. Simple. Got to be one or the other as I know there are no "aliens" from "outer planets."

    In other words, if some go for the far out stuff, it still does not make me doubt the ENTIRE conspiracy. That's like throwing out the baby w/the bathwater.

    As for Horowitz, maybe he is "one of them" all along. Even so, if he's a disinfo agent, the purpose of same is to provide about 95% truth and %5 error when the "time is right," so all you have to do is keep an eye on a wide variety of sources and you can come to see who is saying what about which topics and decide for yourself.

    Another example is I don't go with the flow re: the microchips being the "mark of the beast," even though that is the hugely popular view.

  • abbagail

    "This would seem to confirm that there is a master plan. But why?"

    Do you mean re: the WT in particular, or society in general?

    The only answer I can give to the "Why" is: Their wanting to implement GLOBALISM, their One World Government, without hassle from the hordes of humans on the planet as they do so. So one way to keep people asleep while they do it is to sucker them along the way. And it's working VERY WELL as most people are still under the "American Dream" delusion that:

    I live in the Greatest Country who can do no wrong.
    My government only has my best interests at heart.
    As do my politicians, from the local level all the way up to the Executive Branch.
    People are really good and not evil.
    There is no Devil.
    There is no occult.
    There is no conspiracy.
    There are no secret societies.
    There is no proof, so I can stay in denial,
    So I can get a good job, a good education, get married, have a family, some kids, socialize with my friends, travel, have a hobbie or two, do some charity work, and just live live live life, and nothing will ever change, as this is the "REAL" life.
    Then someday I will die and that's that.
    And lots of people will come to my funeral.
    etc. etc. etc.

    That's basically the "dream world" most people believe in, more or less. Didn't we all at one time?

    But it's not reality. NOT ANY MORE, and actually hasn't been for at least a good almost-100 years, in America at least, and longer back in Europe.

  • cameo-d
    though infiltration of the "churches" in general is part of the globalist agenda. That should be obvious from the path the churches have taken in the past 40 years or so (for those who pay attention to such things).

    Yes, and it's happening at a more rapid pace than ever right now. Many people have left the chruches over the past few years because they have recognized the changes and are keen to them. I think it will eventually become a generic non-religion religion with maybe a flavor of eastern philosophy.....eventually. They already have a lot of "interfaith" activities going on. It blew my mind when they recently had hindu dancers in the synagogue.

    Change their minds without their realizing it and they will follow willingly. That's the whole point. War without guns via psychological manipulation and social engineering.

    War without guns...yes, that's very likely once they all start teaching "the godly hate" because we oppose the beehive mentality.

    just a "feeling" the JWs are being "groomed" for some sort of "special assignment" in the world of the elite -- not the WT "elite" but the GLOBALIST elite... good little worker bees, ready-made subservient attitudes already well in place, to be "servants" in the elite's "Golden Age."

    Exactly. I have that feeling, too. JWs will not be persecuted; they will be the ones doing the persecution. And "christians" will join in with them. But, I wonder about this...JWs are not really "trained" for anything. So what would they do other than wash windows? What is the purpose for them? I think it has something to do with the blood issue and the "purity" associated with that. Does it have something to do with DNA? Or untainted blood? I don't know. But I think blood has some factor in all this.

  • yknot

    My favorite 'theory' so far was posted by another member (sorry I can't remember who...but props to them)

    Perhaps the government is planing on thining the population, those who are not 'marked'(as in Rev) will be persecuted and eventually herded into detainee KBR camps. Then all those marked are murdered, leaving those unmarked to proclaim that God spared them. Now a organization can take over the government and proclaim it is the milennial reign of Christ.....

    Well ideas such as the above did cross my mind when I heard we had joined the UN, and everytime they ask us to give out personal information for the disaster info drive each year or so.... to closely akinned to that FEMA trying to train clergy into getting their flock to comply without resistance in cases of martial law.

  • cameo-d
    As for Horowitz, maybe he is "one of them" all along. Even so, if he's a disinfo agent, the purpose of same is to provide about 95% truth and %5 error when the "time is right," so all you have to do is keep an eye on a wide variety of sources and you can come to see who is saying what about which topics and decide for yourself

    His past work on biowarfare was very truthful and revealing. The article about his being knighted was just published in January 2007, so this is somewhat of a recent development. And it seems he tried to keep it hidden. I think others saw the same red flag and that's how the info came out. Somebody really had to dig to find out about it.

    Yes, I think he is a disinfo agent, as is Jordan Maxwell (Round Table). They all come forward to "reveal" some deep truths when in fact, they do mix in that 5%error (or more!) which makes it more believable because too much else is true. This is why Holy Spirit is so important to all of us to be able to recognize these things.

  • cameo-d

    Hello ynot!

    Glad you joined in this "live chat" hour!

    Perhaps the government is planing on thining the population, those who are not 'marked'(as in Rev) will be persecuted and eventually herded into detainee KBR camps.

    Y, my impression is that the gov. will do its thinning before the marking starts. As soon as we have a major disruption, people are going to get out of hand. There are a lot of "protester-types" that will probably get picked up. Well, lets look at what the scriptures have to say about it. Luke 17:
    34 I tell you, on that night two people will be sleeping in one bed; one will be taken and the other will be left. 35 There will be two women grinding grain together; one will be taken, and the other will be left. [ 36 Two people will be in the field. One will be taken, and the other will be left." Now, as you know, the christians teach this is the magical rapture when people disappear and are taken up into heaven. This is baloney. Because if you read the next verse it tells you where these people taken, really go. Luke 17:
    37 The followers asked Jesus, "Where will this be, Lord?"

    Jesus answered, "Where there is a dead body, there the vultures will gather." These people are being taken to their death! I don't think the marking will start until some time after that.

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