Never Believed in the Resurrection Hope - Nor the Witnesses Crazy Ideas

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  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    I did actually believe it all for most of my life because it was spoon fed to me from infancy. When you are an adult and are expected to teach your children or your bible studies this stuff and they ask the really tough questions, I started to question it myself. The no marriage thing really bothered me. It really is alot of confabulation based on one scripture. Why do they insist on having an answer to "everything"? I am really really confused right now about what happens after we die. I would love to just sit down and read the bible but every time I try, JW doctrine just clouds my understanding and I give up. Don't you hate to think this is it? Just live our life and take the dirt nap as you say.

  • FlyingHighNow

    I found their whole soul is the body thing very troubling.

    I believe it will be as John Lennon said, you get out of one car into another. I don't believe in this dead for years until the resurrection.

  • FlyingHighNow

    The most bizarre thing I remember was them teaching that if unborn infants didn't "breathe the breath of life", they would not get a resurrection. My sister enjoyed rubbing this in when my unborn were threatened by Rh imcompatibility. She came running up to me at the hall with this devilish glee to show me a question from readers about this very subject. or something similar. I researched "breath of life" in the Insight and Aid books and it was very clear, in the society's own literature, that the breath of life was passed on indirectly to every human through Adam.

    Personally, I think they came up with this to discourage clandestine abortions. What jerks.

  • golf2

    Question, would you like to believe in it? If so, why?


  • jaguarbass

    I didn't care for the resurection rules either, they made as much sense as, how could God have no begining? How could Adam and Eve who were perfect sin?

    And if God knows everything why does he have to make us go through all this to find out what we will do? When he already knows because he is God and he knows everything.

    But rules were rules.

    Thank God 1975 came when it did.

  • dobbie

    I used to go because i hoped if it was true my family would get through but i never thought for a moment that if itwere true that i would get through, i couldn't believe that.

    It used to annoy me when they'd speculate on life after armageddon, i thought it would be terrible never to have little babies or children around, others would say well there might be, thats why the other planets were created so when earths full some can go on andprocreate on the other planets too! OMG!

    I used to think how awful it would be as well sharing the planet with the same ones for eternity, how boring and annoying would that be lol!

  • flipper

    NO MORE KOOL AID- I have never understood why the witnesses have to have an answer for everything either ! I too am somewhat confused about what happens when we die. But you know, I don't worry about it anymore. I just try to live each day in a positive way and try to enjoy my life .

    GOPHER- I too had been told all my life about living forever in paradise. I think part of me disbelieved it really- and that's why it didn't bring me down much when it never came . I agree with you - I don't know what comes after this life - but I too will make the best of each day and the best of this life that I can ! Make each day a good experience - as you said. Well put by you.

    FLYING HIGH NOW- That is awful how your sister treated you the way she did about your unborn child. The witnesses really are messed up with their ideas.

    GOLF 2 - I know. Wouldn't want to live forever or have a resurrection - it's just a fantasy and pipe dream anyway.

    SASS MY FRASS- It is weird that Jehovah would store all the DNA and memories and knowledge of people and recreate their bodies later ! It's too creepy to me ! Just a copy of their memories and thoughts. Weird.

    JAGUARBASS- I agree. If God knows everything then why didn't he prevent all the pain and sorrow many of us have gone through and why have we had to find out the hard way about life and death ? Good point.

    DOBBIE- I had hoped my family would get through to live in a paradise as well - but I realized it was all just make believe. And what WAS the reason the governing body was SO intent on saying that babies and children would eventually stop inhabiting the earth ?? And that eveyone would eventually be adults and no children allowed to be born ? How the hell can they make that assertion ? How do they know ? They assume way too much

  • flipper

    I'm going to be gone working all night later tonight so I wanted to bump this thread up if any of you didn't happen to see it. Thanks for the responses ! Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • flipper

    Just wanted to bump this up one more time to see if anybody has thoughts on this topic. And because someone dared me not to bump it up. LOL! You know me - I'm my own man- independent thinker ! LOL! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • nbernat

    That's one of the things I'm currently having a hard time overcoming-- the fact that after we're dead, we're dead. Nothing more to it. It makes me kind of sad to know I have only 70 more years to live, if that, but I guess I'll just have to make the most of them. But my family doesn't understand that. . .so instead of trying to coexist peacefully we argue, argue, yell, scream, get mad at each other and don't get over it. . .don't they realize this is it!?

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