Never Believed in the Resurrection Hope - Nor the Witnesses Crazy Ideas

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  • flipper

    I will list a number of my doubts on this subject as it was one teaching that pissed me off - as I feel it caused Jehovah's Witnesses not to mourn properly at funerals and show authentic compassion to others - as well as held out false hope for a " fantasyland " paradise . These reasons I list here actually were and are taught by Jehovah's Witnesses as FACT ! Listen to how bizarre this sounds.

    1. After God destroys people at Armageddon - in the paradise the resurrection will start with those who died most recently before Armageddon being resurrected first- then gradually people from the past will come back from ancient times.

    2. No old ones will be resurrected- everyone will be the same age about 30 years of age ! Your parents and mine will be all young again !

    3. There will be a resurrection of the righteous and the unrighteous . Then during the 1,000 year reign if those that were unrighteous stray off the good course and harm others and are wicked - they will be instantly destroyed - never living again ! QUESTION : Why bring them back in the first place ????

    4. In the resurrection there is no marriage - but those resurrected are like angels - they have no desire or sexual urge to marry, or be with a man or woman ! ( this one really pissed me off ! ) You mean I wouldn't be allowed to be with my wife again if she died ? Then it was mysteriously explained that God Jehovah will bring calm to our hearts and satisfy us one way or the other. Either destroy our marital or sexual urges- or find us another mate ! But what if we didn ' t WANT another mate ??? Oh well ! Jehovah provides I guess .

    5. Thousands of those claiming to be annointed were supposedly resurrected to the heavens filling out the " alleged " 144,000 kings and priests in heaven . In the last 40 to 50 years the " alleged " remaining ones of these supposedly annointed ones have actually gone up in number from 8,000 something to currently 9,000 something. Are they ever going to die off and eventually go to heaven ? Inquiring minds want to know. If I was a betting man- I'd say the number will go up to 10,000 within the next 5 years easily.

    So- These are a few things that really made me doubt the resurrection hope. That - and the fact I lost 4 real good friends over the years who I never saw living again ! Nor will I - as I feel I am a realist. They left a good mark on my life - good memories- that's enough for me , I learned a lot from them. I feel the witnesses and other religions HAVE to believe in a resurrection- because they cannot accept death as a natural occurence. So what's your opinion ? I'd be curious to know. What are your thoughts on these things I've mentioned- or your take in general on a " resurrection " belief ?? As always I look forward to your takes

  • changeling

    The no marriage think bugged me. And the doing away with marriage and children altogether when the earth was full.

    Oh, and animals not preying on each other. Didn't they ever hear of "the food chain"?

    changeling :)

  • Gopher

    I bought the resurrection hope -- lock, stock and barrel, since I was a child. It was all I ever knew.

    I agree with Changeling -- the doctrine I couldn't agree with was that the resurrected class couldn't marry again. I thought that would create friction or just weird, uneasy situtations in the Paradise.

    I just went to the Memorial Service for my JW grandmother last weekend, and heard a lot of dogma that I now disagree with. The one that stuck out most was "original sin" -- that we all die because we deserve to, due to the original sin of Adam -- and only through 'undeserved kindness' do we have any hope.

    I don't think animals die because they 'sin', it's the natural course of events. The same seems to apply to humans.

    So there the speaker was implying that my sweet lovable grandmother (who served the WTS for 64 years) deserved to die.

  • Robert7

    For me it was the fact that we're designed to multiply, but the earth has finite space. So at some point we will over populate the planet. The only explanation I heard was some BS on how Jehovah will stop us from having kids, or maybe we'll inhabit other planets. All BS.

  • WTWizard

    That Jehovah was doing me any favor at all by keeping the opposite sex away from me. Reserving me for the field misery? And He has the nerve to call that "kind" or "loving"?

    And He wonders why I call Him "baghead" and "almighty lowlife scumbag"!

  • shamus100

    The only think that's waiting for each and every one of us is a dirt nap... nothing more.

    As robert said - eventually, the earth would be over-populated with humans. There would just be no room.

  • insearchoftruth

    These beliefs explain a lot of my wife's lack of compassion, can anyone provide JW quotes on this stuff?

  • LongHairGal

    While the resurrection 'hope' sounded nice in the day, it still had a lot of holes in it as far as I was concerned. For one thing, the idea that there would be two classes of people on the earth - those that 'do' and those that 'can't' doesn't fit in with my idea of a equal society where there would be peace and harmony. Unless, of course, it was never God's intention to have a peaceful, equal society at any time.

    Instead of a new world where there were no problems, I always felt their new system with the resurrected people and the big 'test' at the end sounded like trouble.


  • shamus100

    The witnesses certainly enjoy conjecture....

    The whole 'paradise earth' sounds good on paper, but once the excitement is over, you're left sitting there listening to they're explanations thinking "say whaaaaat?".

    When something sounds like bullshit, looks like bullshit, it's usually bullshit.

    One point of conjecture that was raised at our bookstudy, I clearly remember.

    Bookstudy Conductor: "How many here believe there will be space travel in the new system?". about 10/12 raised they're hands. I wasn't one of them.

  • flipper

    Thanks for all your comments ! Really good points you make.

    CHANGELING- I agree the marriage thing bugged me as well. And doing away with having children ? Just who did they think they were telling us that ?

    GOPHER- I thought the marriage thing would create uneasy situations as well in the paradise. I too disagree with the original sin concept that we " deserved " to die. That was cruel of the speaker giving your Grandma's memorial talk to insinuate your grandmother deserved to die because she was a sinner. Ridiculous assertion.

    ROBERT 7- Yes it was weird how they viewed having future children. The BS they handed down was incredible. They still at present time want young couples to be busy knocking on doors making converts instead of having children.

    WT WIZARD- It was strange they kept the opposite sex away from you ! Better to have a girlfriend or a wife than go out in field service all the time .

    SHAMUS 100- I too believe that eventually we will all be dead in the ground. " A dirt nap " - that's pretty funny . It was all BS I agree ! There was way too much conjecture . A book study conductor asked if there was going to be space travel and 10 of 12 answered yes ? LOL! I swear elders could tell them they'd swim like fish in the sea and breathe under water and 10 out of 12 publishers would still believe it ! It's called , " cult mind control".

    INSEARCHOFTRUTH- If you PM Blondie or someone on the board here that has the time and energy to do the research to find these statements I made ( as most are basically quotes from the Watchtower magazine ) I'm sure her or someone else could search and find them. It would just exhaust me to look up all the quotes - and I'm just too busy.

    LONG HAIR GAL- Good points to make ! I too felt like bringing back all these " unrighteous " ones to co-exist with the " righteous " ones would bring about tons of trouble and the big " test " at the end of the 1,000 year reign - even more trouble ! I agree - too many holes in the resurrection theory . Too convoluted

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