For those with family members who are shunning you could try them with this

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  • StAnn

    That stupid 1981 WT mentions "unrepentant sinners" being disfellowshipped! Ha! I know of many people who were very repentant and were DF'd as an example to the cong., to keep others in line. People who had left the KH for a long time then came back were DF'd for what they did while they were out of the org., even though they were no longer doing it. They'd say that if anyone had seen them doing those things and knew they were a Dub, it would make the org look bad to take them back without punishment, so they'd DF them for a year of so. But the people on the outside don't know about the DFing! It's not about them! It's about using someone as a threat to anyone else in the cong., that you'd better not leave because, if you do and decide to come back, they'll make you pay big time for defecting. They make you crawl.

    Reniaa is in for a shock. I wonder if she's ready to crawl?

    Bunch a controlling losers. I hate the elders, not just the GB.


  • Eliveleth


    Disfellowshipping is one of the most hurtful actions that can be taken against

    another human being. It tears families, friends apart! I did not see my son nor my grand

    children for 15 years. I have 6 great-grandchildren I have never seen. My son died last

    November and I did not hear about it until a week afterwards. We were not allowed to

    be part of his memorial or to grieve with the family!

    I saw the testimony of an elder who under oath said that 'disfellowshipping does not involve

    family, it only involves the congregation'.

    I sent it to my son, asking: "Is this a different policy than what the WT had before?" and he sent

    me copies of the 1981 WT which says in effect: "have nothing to do with them". This is part

    of that video. I do not know where to find the original.

    I know from personal experience that Witnesses will not associate with or communicate with those who are disfellowshipped.

    I commend your attitude, but would venture to say that nothing you can say to those who are part of the WT hierarchy (GB, Elders, COs, DOs) will accomplish anything in changing their policies, esp. because you are a woman and they do not listen to women in the WT organization. I know from personal experience. I asked a question of an elder once regarding my understanding of a scripture and he told me to 'go home and ask your husband'. My husband was at the meeting with me at the time. I consider this extremely condescending and know that it happens often in the congregation. I wish you Jehovah's blessing and guidance in your walk.

    Love and hugs,


  • Steve_C
  • Steve_C

    This has probably already been discused, but the WTS's own words:

    In such a case, the close bond between family members can pose a real test of loyalty.

    Since his being disfellowshipped does not sever the family ties, normal day-to-day family activities and dealings may continue.

    So, they acknowledgte that family members have a close bond, and that being disfellowshipped does not sever family ties. Yet, they turn right around and say that this does not apply to family members living elsewhere. Where in the Bible does it state that family ties change when a child grows up and moves out on his own? Once out of the house, my parents and siblings are no longer my parents and siblings?

    I know, I know, it shouldn't shock me that the WTS contradicts itself. I guess being shunned by my mom and sister is wearing on me, and I'm venting. My mom is quite ill, yet wouldn't me to visit her before I moved out of the country. I'm sure my sister is dreading the "necessary family-matter contact" she'll have with me when she calls me to tell me that mom died.

    Ugh, it just makes me want to vomit.

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