Mothers of any age what is your opinion....?

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  • restrangled

    This is not based on polictics. It is based on what you would personally do in a specific circumstance.

    Please do not base your answer on a Democratic or Republican response. This is a mother's response.

    You are pregnant, in your 8th month and you start leaking amniotic fluid, you are carrying a child that possibly may have problems. What would you do? Would you ignore the symtoms and stay on your vacation, on the job, etc.? This can be your first or one of many pregnancies. Would you dare get on a flight for eleven hours or stay where you were at?

    I would really like some honest responses!. Personally, I would have panicked 30 days before any baby was due. I would have worried I was about to lose my baby if I did not get to a hospital immediately. Leaking of fluid constitutes a horrible risk of infection, even at the due date.

    However, these are just my feelings after delivering 2 boys over 20 years ago.

    How do you feel?

  • restrangled

    To add to this, I guess I am feeling confused as a 49 year old. Have standards changed? I'm not looking to condem anyone, I'm trying to find out how mothers feel in 2008.

    Please respond....I think it would be interesting to everyone here.


  • reniaa

    depends on the person, I see mothers that drink alcohol and smoke during pregnancy not realising that both are worse than drugs for damaging a fetus during pregnacy especially in brain forming early weeks,

    For me pregnancy was hard and worrying for all my children, in that situation a mum thinks of getting to hospital as quickly and safely as she can., even a few weeks premature can lead to complications only trained people can deal with for both mother and child, self-preservation would be an equal motivation in this case as well as the maternal bond

  • crazyblondeb

    Are you certain it is amniotic fluid?

    When a mom is in the 3rd trimster, it's not uncommon to leak cervical fluids, from the pressure of the baby.

    If is it amniotic fluid, that's a medical emergency. What did the doctor say?

    Amniotic fluid usually doesn't quit leaking. It can cause alot of potential problems.

  • restrangled

    CrazyBD....according to Sara it was Amniotic fluid, maybe she was wrong. But my question still stands. If you were leaking any fluid at 8 months what would you do? I'm trying to understand how women react now versus when I was pregnant in 1984 and 1987. No judgement.


  • changeling

    I am a mother ,and I leaked amniotic fluid in the middle of my 7th month. I went straight to the hospital. Twenty four hours later, because my cervix would not dilate past 4 cm., I delivered my son via C-section.He was born septic (had ecoli in his blood stream) and almost died.

    I would not presume to say that all pregnancies are the same or that all women respond in the same way, though.

    changeling :)

  • ex-nj-jw

    Well I last gave birth almost 20 years ago, but I think anyone in their right mind would go straight to their MD's office or the nearest hospital to be checked out.


  • LoverOfTruth

    When I was carrying my children, I would have contacted the doctor Immediately if anything out of the Ordinary was going on.

  • crazyblondeb

    the only way you know for sure if it's amniotic fluid is from a litmus strip test.

    As a nurse, and a mom, I'd get to the nearest hospital/doctor.

  • restrangled

    Thanks moms and nurses!, .......lets hear from more of you!

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