Mothers of any age what is your opinion....?

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  • fern

    Definitely you should go straight to your physicians office. When my water broke, it was the first sign that I was in labor (no pain or contractions). My sister insisted I go to the hospital even tho I was sure they'd send me right back home. To my surprise they kept me. The Doc said once your water breaks there is great risk for infection. This is nothing to take lightly.

  • dobbie

    I've always gone straight to the hospital with my pregnancy problems, with my last, i woke to find i'd wet the bed and he was 4 wks early, i thought i'd be sent home but it was my waters and i had to have another emergency c section. Hospitals would always rather you went in if your'e worried even if its a false emergency, if i hadn't gone by instinct with my first (after the doctor said everything was fine) and gone to the hospital for a check up he would have died in the womb. Better to be safe than sorry.

  • BurnTheShips
    If her delay in seeking medical help caused Trig's brain damage I would probably hold it against her.

    Medical delays don't cause Down's Syndrome. It is genetics. Extra Chromosome.

    Palin was in Texas last week for an energy conference of the National Governors Association when she experienced signs of early labor. She wasn't due for another month.

    Early Thursday -- she thinks it was around 4 a.m. Texas time -- she consulted with her doctor, family physician Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, who is based in the Valley and has delivered lots of babies, including Piper, Palin's 7-year-old.

    Palin said she felt fine but had leaked amniotic fluid and also felt some contractions that seemed different from the false labor she had been having for months.

    "I said I am going to stay for the day. I have a speech I was determined to give," Palin said. She gave the luncheon keynote address for the energy conference.

    Palin kept in close contact with Baldwin-Johnson. The contractions slowed to one or two an hour, "which is not active labor," the doctor said.

    "Things were already settling down when she talked to me," Baldwin-Johnson said. Palin did not ask for a medical OK to fly, the doctor said.

    "I don't think it was unreasonable for her to continue to travel back," Baldwin-Johnson said.

    So the Palins flew on Alaska Airlines from Dallas to Anchorage, stopping in Seattle and checking with the doctor along the way.


  • FlyingHighNow

    I didn't know we were discussing Palin. BTS, your box and quotes show the reasons why doctors don't encourage women who are so close to the end of their terms to travel long distances and put themselves under undo strain. Palin sounds driven in your quotes. She's determined to give a speech, inspite of her symptoms. You aren't doing much to make her look like she makes wise decisions.

  • FlyingHighNow

    "I said I am going to stay for the day. I have a speech I was determined to give," Palin said. She gave the luncheon keynote address for the energy conference.
    Like it or not, pregnancy is a delicate condition and you do have to make certain changes in your lifestyle and job to ensure your health and safety as well the health of your unborn child.

  • hillbilly

    Ahem... as we are talking about a woman who is Governor of Alaska... We have to assume that she has the finest medical care her state has to offer and she did what she did after speaking with a doctor.

    Again... this is a thin cover for an age old objection to women in high places. Are you saying fertile women of child bearing age should not take high office because they can have all the complications pregnancy offers? Her life, her babie, her outcome-good or bad.

    If a male put his family in harms way over jobs or politics we probably woudnt be asking these questions... and every public figure does put his family in harms way to some extent.

    So much for cracks in the glass ceiling.


  • AudeSapere

    It wasn't clear until far into the post just where you were leading. Clearly you had a specific case in mind as you presented several specific case points from the outset.

    The thought crossed my mind that perhaps she was just going about her business until she came to full-term. Since it seems the child in question is Palin's infant child, I believe she knew he had down's syndrome - a genetic disease - well before his birth. As she is staunchly Pro-Life, maybe she felt best to go about her normal business and leave 'viability' in god's hands.

    Without trying to force a miscarriage, maybe she was accepting of the possibility? I suppose it's even possible that she hoped for a miscarriage.

    It's not a judgement. Just a possible point of view.

    Regardless of what she did or did not do, I still feel for parents of handicapped children. My dad had twin sisters that were both severely handicapped (oxygen-related issues during childbirth in the late 40's.) It's a tough situation from any angle.

    My personal feeling is that when you are talking about handicapped babies, faith in god makes the situation more complicated than it already is.


  • AGuest

    I would say that it sounds a little like the "bombs dropping all around us when we landed" story that Hillary told. Not that I am "bashing" anyone or favoring anyone. It's just that a WHOLE lot of embellishing goes on among folks in these circles, and a subject like this (i.e., an unmistakenly pregnant legislator nearing the end of her "time") is prime for it:

    "More powerful than any rocket missile... and more cahones than any 2-year old bull... and especially when exiting down the gangplank in heels!!"

    "Able to drag her eighth-months' pregnant body... and correspondingly large and rotund cahones... through yet another excruiatingly boring legislative meeting... while leaking amniotic fluid!!"

    Don't get me wrong: I had two kids and compared to the "horror" stories I've heard both pregnancies were a piece of cake (i.e. although initially lots of morning sickness with the first, nothing notable afterward and with the other, and only 3-1/2 hours labor with each). Still... I... and any woman in her right mind... would have taken precautions if there truly was leaking (or thoughts of leaking) of anmiotic fluid.

    I could be wrong (Lord knows... and see next sentence), but methinks its a bit of hype to make a small "woman" seem a bit larger than life... perhaps even a bit "heroic."

    Orrrrr... maybe the "leak" was so unsubstantial as not to really be of any concern at all... and they hyped that part up...

    Just my $0.02. Peace.

    SA, on her own

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